Board #48 | Autumn on the Beach

I’ve had a request for a beach wedding, in the fall, with deep pink as a main color. Here is how I imagine that type of event. I don’t know what beaches are like in other places during the fall, but where I grew up they’re pretty cold and foggy. Deep pink can really warm things up, and chocolate brown echoes other fall colors. I also love the use of indoor furniture outdoors – setting up a comfortable lounge area or “living room” on the beach is so unexpected and pretty. I would definitely supply guests with blankets, and a bonfire once the sun goes down would be fantastic.

“Didn’t she just post a pink and brown board?” you ask.

Sure, but this one is different! Isn’t it incredible how the same color palette doesn’t necessarily mean the same mood or feel of a wedding? I think it’s great to have color in mind, because it helps keep things focused, and it helps pull the event together, but there so many other factors that go into creating an event (setting, season, formality, etc.).

Mood: intimate, picturesque
Palette: deep pink, chocolate brown

{click image to enlarge}

Top row from left: cake from MS, photo via, flowers by Ariella Chezar, cupcakes via Black Eiffel
Row 2: boutonniere from Brides, Oscar de la Renta dress from Brides UK, bouquet from MS, photo via Black Eiffel
Row 3: pink ranunculus, outdoor “living room,” seashell chocolates from Wedding Things
Row 4: calligraphy by Linea Carta, table number from Brides, Dear Olive seashell card via Love Made Visible, bouquet from MS


  • Courtney Jones says:

    Beautiful! I love it!
    Thanks so much for the inspiration.
    FYI, this wedding will be in Florida. September beach time down there can be unpredictable (it’s the tail end of hurricane season) but the weather is still warm enough to sit out and get a tan and splash in the ocean.
    The rehearsal dinner will be set on a deck with steps to the sand and the wedding is being held at a resort hotel that can accomodate an in-the-sand wedding or an indoor wedding if the weather requires it.
    Thanks again- I love the idea of the deep brown tones being mixed in. The groom is tossing around the idea of a linen suit- and a chocolate brown color would be fabulous!

  • Merrilee Diaz says:

    Darcy from MSW should call you and offer you a job. What beatuiful ideas for a beach wedding in the fall and as always you select the most beautful images ; )

  • studio wellspring says:

    just discovered your blog and am SO taken with it. i lurve making inspiration boards too and yours are abso fab! have a great weekend

  • Erin says:

    I absolutely, positively love ranunculus! It is delicate, but so powerfully visual with all those rows upon rows of circling petals.
    Pairing ranunculus’ colors with chocolate brown is a lovely combination.
    I vote for #48, Autumn on the Beach.

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