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One of the things I love most about spotlighting wedding photographers, is that the work really speaks for itself. I could tell you all about how Davina + Daniel are a husband-and-wife team who work brilliantly together. Or about how they are internationally recognized, award-winning, and insanely talented. Or maybe I could mention their passion for capturing weddings in totally unique and artistic ways. And all of that is 100% true! But none of it tells you nearly as much as you’ll learn from looking at their photos.

Having photographed hundreds of weddings around the world, Davina + Daniel know that every wedding is unique, but they also know that all weddings have some things in common: family, friends, tears, laughter, celebration, and love. “And this,” they say, “is what our photography is all about.”

If you’re looking for uncommon wedding photography that is inspired by both fine art and photojournalism, then you’ll find lots to love about Davina + Daniel, who approach each wedding with the goal of producing creative, unexpected, and emotional photos. The result is magical images worthy of a place on your wall.

Davina + Daniel love to travel and are big fans of shooting destination weddings (they even have a destination wedding bucket list!), so from Nantucket to the Netherlands, no matter where you’re tying the knot, they’re up for it. Just shoot them an email to get the conversation started!

Even though I’m pretty certain these photos speak for themselves, I should also mention that Davina + Daniel have recently been named one of Rangefinder Magazine’s Top 10 Most Sought-After Wedding Photographers of 2012, as well as the 2012 Fearless Photographer of the Year by Fearless Photographers. No surprise now that you’ve seen what this duo can do!

If you want to see even more daring, dramatic, creative photography, hop on over to Davina + Daniel’s website and blog – I promise there’s lots more where this selection came from.


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