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We’re continuing the theme of our Southern Spring BBQ, and before we dive into how we made our inspiration board come to life, we wanted to share this lovely floral workshop hosted by Beehive Events!

Just last month we were part of an amazing retreat in Charlottesville, Virginia, where we were lucky enough to attend a floral arranging workshop with Shawn Cossette from Beehive Events. Shawn pulled together the deep purples, dusty pinks and reds from our Southern Spring BBQ inspiration board, and we used the arrangements we made at our BBQ (details to come later today, so stay tuned!).
002-beehive-events-floral-workshop-jen-fariello-207Photo: Jen Fariello

Shawn says, “I thought this amazingly talented group of photographers would enjoy ‘being on the other side,’ and having a hand in creating that which they so often photograph. I knew it would be a success, and how fabulous that their work was utilized as part of the tabletop decor of their welcome dinner?!”

Reclaimed chestnut wood tables set the stage, and each participant was given tools of the trade: a utility canvas apron, Japanese flower arranging shears, clippers, a florist knife and a linen towel. Shawn is a true believer in giving minimal instruction, in order to let the arrangements come to life on their own. She explains, “I learned by doing, by seeing, by experiencing. I favor this approach as it lends arrangers to developing their own style and not having their work look like that of others. Flowers are ephemeral, its only a matter of days or a week before your creation is gone and allows you to begin again.”

003-beehive-events-floral-workshop-jen-fariello-202Photo: Jen Fariello

Beehive Events included buckets of colorful blooms, and all the tools needed to make a stunning centerpiece.

004-beehive-events-floral-workshop-jen-fariello-199Photo: Jen Fariello

Each bucket of flowers was filled with various blooms including, anemone, garden rose, hellebore, peonies, snowball viburnum, scabiosa, fritillaria, lilac, clematis, apple mint passion flower, pistachio berry, spray roses, and scented geranium. 

006-beehive-events-floral-workshop-jen-fariello-196Photo: Jen Fariello

007-beehive-events-floral-workshop-gayle-brooker-06Photo: Gayle Brooker

008-beehive-events-floral-workshop-jen-fariello-120Photo: Jen Fariello

009-beehive-events-floral-workshop-gayle-brooker-04Photo: Gayle Brooker

010-beehive-events-floral-workshop-jen-fariello-121Photo: Jen Fariello

011-beehive-events-floral-workshop-jen-fariello-126Photo: Jen Fariello

It truly was wonderful to see how each photographer made a unique arrangement reflecting her own style and color preferences!

012-beehive-events-floral-workshop-jen-fariello-174Photo: Jen Fariello


Stay tuned to see how we used the floral arrangements to set the tables for the BBQ—we’ll be sharing that dinner party later today! And, thank you Shawn for such a lovely workshop! 

Vendor Credits

Photography: Jen Fariello, Gayle Brooker / Floral Design, Rentals: Beehive Events / Venue: La Fourche Estate in Keswick, Virginia

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