Best Calligraphy Fonts for Weddings :: 50 Hand Lettered Fonts

There’s nothing quite like custom calligraphy, but these hand lettered fonts are the next best thing – not to mention they’re the perfect budget-friendly compromise! They would be so gorgeous on invitations, addresses, table numbers, escort cards, menus…

Best Calligraphy Fonts for Weddings | Snippet & Ink
Adorn Pomander by Laura Worthington ($45)
Ahra by Magpie Paper Works ($58)
Aleka by Eurotypo ($34)
Ameglia by Eurotypo ($48)
Anna Clara by Trial By Cupcakes ($29)
Antrokas by Rokas Cicenas (free demo)
Asterism by Great Lakes Lettering ($30)
Aunt Mildred by MVB ($39)
Barocca Monograms by Tart Workshop ($30)
Belluccia by Correspondence Ink ($39)

Best Calligraphy Fonts for Weddings | Snippet & Ink

Bodoni At Home by Resistenza ($35)
Bombshell Pro by Emily Lime ($54)
Bookeyed Martin by Tart Workshop ($30)
Bookeyed Suzanne by Tart Workshop ($30)
Cantoni by Debi Sementelli Type Foundry ($30)
Carolyna Pro Black by Emily Lime ($89)
Cerise by Magpie Paper Works ($58)
Ciao Bella by Cultivated Mind ($29)
Copperlove by Resistenza ($49)
Dasha by Magpie Paper Works ($36)


Best Hand Lettered Fonts for Weddings | Snippet & Ink
Dom Loves Mary by Correspondence Ink ($40)
Eliensee by Intellecta Design (free)
Frosted by Great Lakes Lettering ($25)
Gemmadonati by Eurotypo ($28)
Gluten by Andinistas ($25)
Helsing by Great Lakes Lettering ($30)
Hollyhock by Angie Makes ($32)
Icing by Great Lakes Lettering ($25)
Jacob Riley by Magpie Paper Works ($32)
Jacques & Gilles by Emily Lime ($34)


Best Hand Lettered Fonts for Weddings | Snippet & InkJanda Stylish Script by Kimberly Geswein (free)
Katie Rose by Trial By Cupcakes ($16)
Madelinette by Tart Workshop ($39)
Matchmaker by Angie Makes ($30)
Naive by La Goupil Paris ($5)
Nelly Script by Tart Workshop ($29)
Northwest by Shh Maker Design ($20)
Ondise by Magpie Paper Works ($32)
Pacific Northwest Letters by Cultivated Mind ($29)
Peoni Pro by Emily Lime ($89)


Best Calligraphy Fonts for Weddings | Snippet & Ink
Rumpus Room Filled by Sideshow ($30)
Saint Agnes by Great Lakes Lettering ($30)
Saissant by Magpie Paper Works ($54)
San Rafael by Tart Workshop ($30)
Shameless by Positype ($59)
Some Weatz by Måns Grebäck (free)
Tansy by Eurotypo ($32)
The Serif Hand by La Goupil Paris ($5)
Vermandois by Magpie Paper Works ($68)
Woolen by Magpie Paper Works ($32)



Some of these fonts have multiple styles, and even some flourishes, swashes, and other goodies to make your designs that much more lovely. Also, I definitely recommend checking out other fonts from all of these foundries – I could spend hours browsing through their charming alphabets!

Okay so I know it’s hard to choose, but which one is your favorite? Are you planning to use any of these hand-lettered fonts for your any wedding DIY projects? For more great fonts, check out 50 of my favorites HERE, and 50 of my favorite free fonts HERE.


  • Thanks so much for including my three fonts Cantoni, Belluccia and Dom Loves Mary in your list! I love designing with weddings in mind. So it’s encouraging to hear that they fit the bill! And I see so many other wonderful choices as well. Great list!


  • Thanks for including my fonts in this *fantastic* list! I love seeing the magic that couples are dreaming up with the many awesome handmade typefaces available out there… So many gorgeous choices here, it’s hard to pick a favorite!

  • Julie says:

    But hum im not sure i understand the product. I buy the font but hum does Word office accept it than I can use it. How does it works ?

    • linda says:

      Purchase the font. Download it to your desktop. The c&p or drag to your windows font folder. (It must be the font folder inside the windows folder or if you have Adobe cs you can use that font folder) Restart the computer and the font will be in the drop down list. PC instructions dont know apple.

  • sarah allen says:

    Thank you! I have been staring at fonts for weeks. Finally found THE one with your help. We will be using Saint Agnes for our new site and logo.

  • Alice says:

    I love the ciao bella. I want to purchase it. But, I dont know how to use this in my wedding envelope. Please advise.

  • Very cool round-up…. But, it seems you missed the source for the OAXACA font… any idea? I’m heading to google, yes… just thought I’d let you know.

  • These fonts are breathtaking! I could also add that these same fonts are wonderful for posters, quotes and so many other projects. Some of my favorites (as I have seen mentioned in previous comments) such as Dom Loves Mary,Belluccia, Bombshell Pro, Cantoni and Carolyna Pro Black are stunning in so many displays!

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