Best Wedding Sparkler Moments

We love to see sparklers making an appearance during anytime of the year! And, in honor of one of our most treasured holidays, we perused our archive in search of our 10 most favorite sparkler moments. Enjoy!

Pam Cooley

Adam & Amanda’s wedding from Pam Cooley.

Nancy Neil

A Santa Barbara Zoo wedding from Nancy Neil.

Melissa Schollaert

A sweet South Carolina wedding from Melissa Schollaert.

A bryan Photo

Christina & Jacob’s wedding from A Bryan Photo.

Beaux Arts Photographie

Light writing at this backyard wedding from Beaux Arts Photographie.

Clark Brewer

Clark Brewer’s touching lakeside Alabama wedding.

Susan Dean

A gorgeous Ojai, California affair from Susan Dean.

Jillian Mitchell

Massachusetts wedding from Jillian Mitchell.

Amy + Stuart

A romantic Bel Air wedding from Amy & Stuart.

Open Air Photography

A stunning fireworks show at this classic Maryland wedding from Katie Stoops!

Don’t they just make sweetest shots?  Will you be using sparklers at your wedding?  Let us know!

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