Board #1 | Spanish Style

The initial inspiration for this romantic collage was the Vosges Gaudi truffles, but it quickly turned into more than that, drawing from Sevilla’s oranges and the Alhambra’s intricate mosaics.

Palette: red, orange, gold
Mood: romantic old world

{click to enlarge photo}

Top from left: Toledo gold, photo from Jessica Claire, sangria pitcher
Row 2: Sevilla orange trees, MS citrus inspired wedding, mantilla veil from Anne Ruthman, Grand Marnier cake from The Knot
Row 3: Sevilla Feria poster, Cecile Cathedral dress from Ulla-Maija, the Alhambra in Grenada, Alhambra inspired tent from Raj Tents
Row 4: churros con chocolate, wax-sealed invitation, Gaudi saffron truffles from Vosges
Row 5: flowers from The Knot, orange blossoms, Betsy Dunlap calligraphy

Update! Check out this photo over at Brides. Perfect!


  • Oooohhh.. I’m so glad you linked to me so I could check out your blog! Fabulous inspiration here!!!

  • Sarita says:

    I just discovered your blog and am loving all your boards! Especially this one – my wedding is in Sevilla in April.

    Beautiful work!

  • Anonymous says:

    I really like your blog – lots of inspiration! Do you take requests? :) I’m getting married in August and it will be a picnic reception. We’re playing with the idea of using Provence as a guide for the look and feel, so the colors are blue and yellow. I know you’ve played with these ideas a bit in some of your posts already, but I’d love to see what you come up with combining the two! I’m struggling to keep it from being too Ikea.

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