Board #114 | Red Velvet

Tyler’s sweet friend over at Pretty Little Things requested this board for her: a chic, fall wedding with fall colors and a red velvet cake. In order to keep things from feeling rustic (harder than you might imagine with those fall colors!), I used the red velvet cake as my focus point, so I ended up with a red, white, and chocolate palette. I hope this board is helpful for you Tyler!

Mood: fall chic
Palette: red, white, chocolate

{click image to enlarge}

Top row from left: envelope via Brooklyn Bride, bouquet by Ariella Chezar (photo by Dasha Wright), photo by Mel Barlow
Row 2: dresses by Thread, red velvet cake from NY Times
Row 3: car photo by Elizabeth Messina, table via Oh Happy Day, photo by Belathee, champagne from Beth Helmstetter
Row 4: bouquets by Artfool, photo from Junebug, boutonniere from Jessamyn Harris, programs by Jo Gartin, seating cards by Laura Hooper


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