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Stephanie Nikolopoulos interviewed me for an article she was writing for the style website, Emerging Thoughts. Check out her article here (my quote is toward the end). She also asked if I could come up with a board that reflected the style of Emerging Thoughts, “an online boutique filled with unique and one of a kind pieces” that seeks to “promote free thinking and creativity.” What do I think a board based on the style of Emerging Thoughts would look like? I think it would look like the couple are putting together a party that expresses who they are without worrying too much about fitting anyone else’s expectation of what a wedding should be. It would be unique because the couple is unique, not because they’re trying too hard to do something that’s never been done. And hopefully it would incorporate the creative talents of not only the couple, but also of important people in their life.

Mood: bright, unfussy, personal
Palette: green, yellow, brown

{click image to enlarge}

Top row from left: cake from MS, centerpiece by Artfool, veil from MS, dog photo by Jose Villa
Row 2: chairs, lemon souffles and bouquet all from MS, J.Crew dress from Brides
Row 3: bouquet by Studio Sweetpea, invitations by Cheree Berry, vest from J. Crew, gin and tonic from MS
Row 4: photo via Knottie Mrs Steph M, photo by Gertrude & Mabel, yellow ranunculus


  • robyn says:

    love this board, very natural looking.
    check out the blog- house of beauty and culture, walter posted something interesting 4 days back about d.d. ryan’s wedding from years ago, but the description is timeless. I think you’d enjoy it!

  • smile says:

    hey here’s a board for you:
    what would YOUR wedding look like?!
    Just from some of the pictures that re-appear in baords you make I’m picturing something rustic and elegant…

  • Martha B. says:

    I’ve always had a heart for barns. My great-grandfather built his own.It still stands but just barely! The interior of this barn takes my breath away!

  • Michelle says:

    I really love the feel of this board. This is exactly what I have tried to go for; something natural, unique, and not overdone. (Hopefully I will be able to accomplish it).

  • Hey Jose, coming to see you at swpp looking forward to it greatly. Yup every good tog needs a credit.

    My tweets: @veilandtrain

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