Board #123 | Anthropologie’s Spring Palette

Several bloggers have posted recently about Anthropologie’s new palette for spring, and I thought it would be fun to do a board based on such fun pops of color. Using Nicole’s post as a starting point, here’s the board I came up with:

Mood: bright-eyed and bushy-tailed
Palette: bright yellow, orange, blue, and some hints of green

{click image to enlarge}

Top row from left: ring pillows from Rebecca Thuss, photo by Jessica Claire, photo by Gertrude & Mabel, Ali’s braid photo via Oh Happy Day
Row 2: Martine’s cake from Brides, flowers by Ariella Chezar, invitation by Cheree Berry, dress from Thread
Row 3: toy favors from Mary Mix Events, jam favor and dress both from Junebug
Row 4: photo by Grazier Photography, lollipops from MS, shoes photo by Dasha Wright


  • Lisa from Blush says:

    o.m.g. this is so… juicy. vibrant. beautiful! I know I’ve said this countless times but… you are so good at this!

  • Grazier Photography says:

    How fun! We’re actually designing a blue and yellow themed album for the couple you pictured.

  • Jessamyn Harris says:

    lovely! how cute is that little bow tie?! :)

    great color stuff, let me know if you need anything else… my may weddings last year were particularly vibrant!

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