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Raise your hand if you’d rather be in Hawai’i than somewhere with a low of -10 degrees? Me too!

Pineapples are a symbol of hospitality, so they are a perfect element to include in your wedding. Some other fun ideas for a Hawai’ian wedding might be to serve Hawai’ian potato chips in parchment cones, have important people wear leis instead of boutonnieres or corsages, and involve hula dancing in some way (either provide a lesson for your guests, or have a group of dancers come in to perform).

Mood: hospitable, easy-going, tropical elegance
Palette: yellow, green, orange

{click image to enlarge}

Top row from left: tropical punch from Brides, invitation by Ceci NY, photo by Whitebox Weddings, flowers from Destination Wedding Style, photo by Dave Robbins
Row 2: photo by Whitebox Weddings, cake from MS, photo from Beth Helmstetter, pineapple flowers from MS, lei from Brides
Row 3: photo by John & Joseph, bouquet by Artfool, baby pineapple
Row 4: seating cards from Destination Wedding Style, ring pillow from Rebecca Thuss

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