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There are the island destination weddings, but what about an Italian villa? That’s what I imagined here, with olive leaves, vineyards, a courtyard reception, and that incredible Zac Posen dress. And you all know how much I love a green and white wedding.

Mood: old world charm
Palette: green, gold, white

Top row from left: image from Martha Stewart Weddings, invitation from Rebecca Thuss, photo by Lisa Leigh, bouquet from Martha Stewart Weddings
Row 2: pistachios from Rebecca Thuss, bouquet, calligraphy by Maybelle, Zac Posen dress via Brooklyn Bride
Row 3: photo via Brooklyn Bride, cake from Martha Stewart Weddings, photo by Meg Smith, olive wreath from Brides
Row 4: boutonnieres from Martha Stewart Weddings, cameo via eMoms At Home, photo by Lisa Lefkowitz, garland by Ariella Chezar


  • Angel says:

    And for a wedding guest favor, you could adopt an olive tree from and share the products of the tree with your guests. The website says something like three packages in a year. For weddings, you could give two of the packages to guests (couples or individuals) and then keep one for yourself. Eventually you’d share it with the whole guest list. And since you’re planning on being married forever, there’s no rush. :)

  • Stephanie says:

    A few tweaks could make this into a Greek-inspired wedding: the olive wreath could be used as the “stefana” (Greek wedding crown), a Greek key motif could be used in lieu of the cameo (would work nice for invitations, menu), and the wedding dress could feature some braided elements or just one shoulder for a subtle toga look. This would be a really touching wedding in light of last summer’s devastating fires…

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