Board #149 | Nicole’s Garden Dinner Party

Happy long weekend to some of you, but I thought I’d post an inspiration board for those of you who are at work today. This board is for Nicole from the lovely A Little Sussy. She posted a fabric sample recently that is inspiring her palette for her upcoming garden dinner party wedding. Four generations of women in her family will have been married in the same temple, and Nicole wants to honor that by having her sisters, mother and grandmother wear a locket of their mother’s wedding day. Another idea is to have framed wedding photographs from each of those generations at the guest book or seating card table. I hope this inspiration board is helpful to you, Nicole!

Mood: family-oriented garden party
Palette: peach, pale yellow, strawberry

{click image to enlarge}

Top row from left: bouquet by Ariella Chezar, strawberry cake from Martha Stewart Weddings, peonies in jars, tags by Atelier Isabey
Row 2: Jim Hjelm dresses from Brides, invitation by Cheree Berry, photo by Whitebox Weddings, flowers by Mathew Dickinson
Row 3: photo by Meg Smith, punch from Amorology, locket photo from The Knot, milk glass arrangement via Oh Joy!
Row 4: card by Pearl Papers, flowers by Mathew Dickinson, pew ribbons from Modern Day Design, seating cards from Rebecca Thuss


  • Kary says:

    I love looking at your boards–mostly for color inspiration because my own wedding was 34 years ago and my daughters are 16 & 10–quite a way from their own weddings! This board is beautiful (as usual), but just one quick comment–Nicole is LDS, so the standard bride uniform–the strapless dress–is not appropriate for her temple wedding. If you find yourself doing a board for another temple wedding, you might want to look for a more modest dress (with sleeves, always) which would be more in keeping with the bride’s style. Love the colors!

  • Kathryn says:

    Kary, thank you for letting me know – it’s always helpful for me to have as much information as possible in making these boards for specific brides, so I will keep that in mind.

  • hello says:

    that’s ok, kathryn.. i didn’t tell you.. but it doesn’t really matter because I already have the dress and I just love ALL the images thrown together to create the overall mood the colors represent. Thank you for all the work you put into this!

  • How nice of you. I wish you would have been around when I got married. Actually, I’m sure you were around. It’s just that our blogs weren’t. :)

    Beautiful work, as usual.

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