Board #150 | Palm Leaf Wedding

I love how a green and white palette can take so many different forms. It can be modern and urban, or it can be homemade and backyard. Here, it’s something else altogether. To me, the dark green palms and the bright white flowers evoke an old Florida estate, something both humid and elegant (and if you’ve ever been in a New York City subway station in the middle of July, you know how difficult it is to pull that off).

Mood: tropical elegance
Palette: dark green, bright white

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Top row from left: decor by Smith & Niemierko, photo via Nibs, hairpin by Erin Cole, cake from Beth Helmstetter
Row 2: photo from La Fleur, flowers by R. Jack Balthazar, place card vase from Cox & Cox
Row 3: photo from Junebug, chair garlands by Ariella Chezar, invitation by Mr. Boddington, photo via I Suwannee
Row 4: photo from Oh How Charming!, flowers by Red Ribbon Studio, invitation by Modern Press

Update! For a wedding like this, wouldn’t it be great if your guests could stay here.

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  • Riley says:

    I really like the new header!

    And I love this board, but your comment about evoking the feelings/thoughts of humid and elegant – hey, that’s hard to pull off even on a lush Florida estate!! ;-)

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