Board #163 | DIY Waterfront Wedding

It seems that the easiest way to end up with a beautiful wedding, is to start with a beautiful venue. The more special the place, the less you have to do to make it look good. In this do-it-yourself inspiration board (remember, March is DIY Wedding month), I imagine a waterfront wedding, with picnic tables and such a pretty view that the only decorations are punched tin votives and lanterns. Some other do-it-yourself elements for this wedding are: seating cards made with rubber stamps of different constellations, a lobster and clambake dinner, paper cones of potato chips, a ring pillow made from a handkerchief, and sparkler favors. If you start with a spectacular venue and the people you love, you don’t have to do much to make a lovely event. Of course, if you want to splurge and end the night with a fireworks show, than that’s fun too!

Mood: summer gathering
Palette: evening blue, white, brown

{click image to enlarge}

Top row from left: lantern photo from Paul Lowe, constellation seating cards from Martha Stewart Weddings, bouquet from Artfool
Row 2: Genevieve dress by J.Crew, lobster and clambake photo from The Knot
Row 3: wedding sign from Sharla Flock, photo by Mallory Samson, photo by Grazier Photography, fireworks
Row 4: miniature cupcakes from Martha Stewart Weddings, potato chips from Inside Weddings, handkerchief ring pillow photo by Lisa Lefkowitz, sparklers from Rebecca Thuss


  • Carolina Belle says:

    This has been the most inspiring board yet for me! I've been looking through all of the past boards, and I've finally found what I want- simple and economical.

  • lacy mckinney says:

    One of my favorites, since my wedding will be on the lakefront lawn of a historic home, in Florida. One can only hope their own event would come together so beautifully and so simply.

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