Board #189 | Urban Rustic

The initial inspiration for this board was the beautiful ethereal photo in the top left corner. The pale light and dry ivy in her hair made me want to a combine a clean, minimalist lines with rustic brown details. I think this wedding could work easily in both winter and fall, in a barn or a bare white studio. Louis Ghost chairs paired with heavy wood tables might work. You could ask guests to dress in winter white and shades of brown. After dinner, set up slightly worn antique love seats and chairs for guests to lounge in, and serve miniature desserts. An orchid bouquet wrapped in raffia creates an interesting contrast, or maybe white garden roses mixed with brown oak leaves. What other ideas do you have for combining modern urban style with rustic country style?

Mood: urban, rustic, elegant
Palette: white, tan, chocolate

{click image to enlarge}

Top row from left: dry ivy hair from Brides, doily corsage from Sweet Paul, miniature desserts by Barbara Llewellyn Catering, draped ceiling by Modern Day Design
Row 2: suit via The Sartorialist, baskets of rose petals photo by McNamara Photography, classic car from Mimi Design, purse photo by Aaron Delesie
Row 3: photo from Martha Stewart Weddings, bouquet from In Style, calligraphy by Laura Hooper, meringue cupcakes by Kuiadore
Row 4: table via Toast and Tables, ceremony decor by Fete NY, Jo Gartin boutonniere from In Style, topaz earrings from Neiman Marcus


  • Peonies and Polaroids says:

    The venue in the picture on the top right is just gorgeous, the fabric draped from the ceiling is delicious, I love it.

  • Martha says:

    You’ve raised the creative bar with this one…beautiful. :)

    Martha B.

  • elizabeth @ elizabeth anne designs says:

    absolutely my favorite board you’ve ever done.

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