Board #2 | Summer Picnic

Summer is officially coming to an end, and I could think of no better way to bid it farewell than with a fabulously fun picnic. I wonder if a picnic reception is so much better in theory than in practice? Ants? Abundant flashing from sitting on the ground?

Palette: tangerine, yellow, lime green
Mood: playful

{click to enlarge photo}

Top from left: sour cherry pie from MS, pink wraps, MS almond honey favors, green pinwheels from Brides
Row 2: Boylan sodas, ruffly dress via Oh Happy, bouquet from Ariella Chezar, barefoot groom from Paul Johnson Photography
Row 3: poppies, picnic blankets via {frolic}, yellow invitation from Linda & Harriett
Row 4: butterfly lanterns from MS, cake from Lovin Sullivan, yellow bridesmaid skirts via {frolic}

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  • Anonymous says:

    I must have been bitten by the same bug..making those inspiration boards were such fun. I’ve made several more, too. Your boards are a delight.

    Martha B.

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