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Though I’m still not 100% convinced about purple, especially in pastel form, I’m not willing to ignore it either. Here I went all out with the purple, adding pale blue on a backdrop of white. What do you think – classically sweet? Or overly saccharine?

Mood: sweet, preppy
Palette: pastel purple and blue, white

{click image to enlarge}

Top row from left: photo by Karlisch Photography, cake from Martha Stewart Weddings, tissue paper pom poms from Martha Stewart Crafts, front porch
Row 2: flowers via Desire to Inspire, invitation by Bird & Banner, photo by Rebekah Westover, ribboned favor box from Martha Stewart Weddings, bouquet by Artfool
Row 3: photo by A Bryan Photo, hydrangea boutonnieres and escort cards both from Martha Stewart Weddings, purple plaid dress by Luisa Beccaria via Perfect Bound
Row 4: favor boxes from Martha Stewart Weddings, bouquet photo by Eleise Theuer, groomsmen photo from Junebug Weddings, pansy bouquet by Todd Events


  • amber says:

    a little too early-90’s frou-frou for me. Especially with the blue. I think lavender and cream, or lavender and chocolate brown would work better.

    but, for the love, never, ever a lavender bridesmaid dress! WASHOUT!

  • Beth Peele says:

    Ok, I just want to say congrats! I have always thought purple was the worst color to have for a wedding. But you did a great job! I think it looks great. Especially the outdoor part. It fits:)

  • Catherine @ Urban Botanic says:

    i like lavender when it’s almost gray, or with a hint of iridescence…like the sky at twilight.

  • Lyndsy says:

    I am not usually a fan of lavender or purple but this board could quickly have me changing my tune. Beautiful as always :)

  • bri says:

    Ya… still too fairy-land for me. Grownup combos, please! :)

    But it is still pretty, if that makes sense?

  • Boylston3 says:

    I think a bold purple and green is a great combo with a little ivory thrown in. I don’t really like lavender but this board could convince me!

  • Maggie says:

    Oh my goodness! You absolutely read my mind… this could almost be the exact board for my wedding… my blue is a little darker, kind of sapphire and I’ll have a lot of silver accents, cream instead of white, but OH! So gorgeous!

    Love it… thanks!

  • Riley says:

    I kind of like it!! Thanks for exploring new and different color combos!!
    You know, lavender or purple isn’t any sweeter than pink! (truth be told, I’m sick of pink!). You have to “ground” it, though, with a non-sweet and/or darker color. Like lavender and olive green. Or charcoal gray. Then it’s pretty and ethereal, and not too sweet. I think if you stick it with another “sweet” color, like light blue or pink or yellow, then it gets too sacharine.

  • Alicia says:

    Great job picking out the best of the purples… I like it in board form but definitely would not choose it for myself nor would I probably get too excited about it at a real wedding. Make sense? I like hints of purple in flowers etc but too much is way too much!

  • Kelly says:

    Oh, you guys are killing me with the anti-purple sentiments. I too am using purple for my wedding, but not lavender, it is eggplant, a warm purple. I am not having any purple flowers except for the black magic mini callas, though. I am just happy to see an inspiration board that does not have brown in it.

  • littlewinterbride says:

    lavender looks good when its done right…fabo your inspiration board is great! I love the combo of deep drk violet purple and a hint of saffron yellow, like the glow of candle light and amethys but not to over done.

  • perfect bound says:

    I loooove purple (almost lavender) and can’t believe I am saying that. I’m even considering it as a part of my call color palette. It’s timeless, don’t you think?

  • Rebecca says:

    Your boards are always so wonderful! You are such an inspiration to us all!

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