Board #249 | Première danseuse

Here is the second inspiration board that I made a few months ago for I just adore the illustration that Rene Gruau did for Christian Dior, and really loved making this wedding board based around it.

Mood: feminine, modern
Palette: shades of gray, blush pink, orange, peach

{click image to enlarge}

Top row from left: Rene Gruau illustration, dress by J.Crew, bridesmaids from Details Details, photo by Meg Smith
Row 2: champagne tower photo by Dasha Wright from Brides, monogrammed cardigan from Martha Stewart Weddings, gray dress by Elizabeth Dye
Row 3: Morgan Le Fay dress from Brides, orange calla lily bouquet photo by Red Ribbon Studio, calligraphed “cootie catcher” from Martha Stewart Weddings, ring by Kuoting
Row 4: invitation by Egg Press, lounge area from Laurie Arons, ring bearer from Love Luck and Angels, peach flowers


  • jlsimon56 says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! These boards make me want to change my color palette every day.

    I wonder why every “grey” board gets cherry blossoms or dogwood blossoms? We’re doing grey in the fall, so we’re avoiding any springtime flower for decor. Any other ideas? Thanks!

  • Kathryn says:

    jlsimon56 – Dusty miller, lamb’s ears, succulents and leucadendron buds are all great ways to add gray to your flowers. For fall, dahlias and ranunculus are both lovely and available in a lot of different colors. Other flowers you can get in the fall are: hydrangea, cosmos, and some types of roses. I hope that’s helpful!

  • bri says:

    So delicate, so lovely. This is like a ballerina bride’s dream. I am enamored.

  • Miranda says:

    OMG I just changed my wedding colors…again!
    Seriously, this is absolutely perfect for our venue. It’s a renovated historic social club with pale slate grey walls and white trim, white curtains, white chairs, etc… We’re having a springtime ceremony followed by a luncheon and dance.
    Grey, silver, white, peach and pale pink. Romantic but not too girly.
    I’m so excited about this palette!

  • jlsimon56 says:

    Kathryn, thanks for posting some ideas. I had thought ranunculus wouldn’t be available, but I’m holding out! I love the lambs ear, too!

    Miranda, where are you located – your venue sounds fabulous. I’d love to see pics online. Is there a website for it?

    Our church has white-washed walls and painted grey woodwork. The reception site, another historic building, has peachy-pink walls with all sorts of colorful carvings. I’m so happy to see this board that pulls all that together!

  • Fabulously Lizy says:

    Love this look! It’s absolutely gorgeous. Insanely elegant and sexy at the same time.

  • Fuss Jewelry says:

    I adore the color palette on this inspiration board–gorgeous! So glad to have stumbled across your blog.

  • Catherine @ Urban Botanic says:

    One of my FAVE boards ever! Soft & delicate and the color combo is so lovely :) I love it even more the 2nd time around…

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