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Someone once said to me that vineyard weddings are a cliché. My answer to that would be, they’re a cliché the way roses are a cliché, and traditional vows, and wearing white, and having a Champagne toast. I certainly appreciate deviating from things just because that’s they way they’ve always been done, but there is also something to be said for tradition and classic style. If you want something classic, don’t avoid it just because it has been done before, because the truth is, even if you get married while skydiving or wearing a plaid wedding dress, you and your fiancé/e are the most unique thing about your wedding. I say, do what you want!

And what I wanted to do was make a classic vineyard wedding board today, full of grapes straight off the vine, and herbal details such as a lavender motif on the invitations and rosemary in the boutonnieres.

Mood: classic vineyard elegance
Palette: green, white

{click image to enlarge}

Top row from left: photo by Lisa Leigh, buffet from Custom Event Group, bouquet by Cyndi Turk (photo by Amanda Bevington), photo by Punam Bean
Row 2: lavender photo by Jose Villa, cake from Martha Stewart Weddings, car photo by Elizabeth Messina, seating cards from Flora Bella
Row 3: hors d’oeuvres buffet from Rebecca Thuss, flower girl via Une Fille Comme Moi, grapes photo by Sabine Scherer, bouquet from Table Tops Etc.
Row 4: dress photo and herb centerpieces both from from Martha Stewart, herb boutonnieres photo by Weeks Photography, lavender stationery from Martha Stewart Weddings


  • Erin Volante Floral says:

    I love this board! Classic also means gorgeous, obviously! Thanks for the hours (and hours!) of continuous inspiration.

  • kariandbrad says:

    I love, love, LOVE this inspiration board! I’m getting married next year at a local vineyard and have used this blog for so many details for my own wedding.

    I’ve actually used one of your board as inspiration for my sisters baby shower! And of course, my sister and mother are both hooked now.

    Love this inspiration board. I just wish we knew the name of the dress in the bottom corner!

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