Board #267 | Lemonade Stand

Ever since Lisa Lefkowitz posted a darling kid shoot on her blog with some lemonade stand photos, I’ve been dreaming up a wedding board loosely based on that idea – of a lemonade stand. Not all-out lemons and yellow, but rather a rustic, slightly nostalgic look. To achieve this, I incorporated a worn wooden-framed chalkboard stand, a porch full of rocking chairs, a gold heart locket, and the charming old-timey typography that Jessica Hische designed for a lemonade label.

Mood: rustic nostalgia
Palette: yellow, green, touches of pale pink

{click image to enlarge}

Top row from left: photo by Jose Villa, bouquet from Martha Stewart Weddings, lemonade from Country Living, lemonade stand photo by Lisa Lefkowitz
Row 2: flowers by Salt Harbor Designs, porch and rocking chairs photo from Social Event Design, craspedia boutonnieres by Violet Designs, flowergirl dress by Flora & Henri via Party Perfect
Row 3: lemonade label by Jessica Hische, church photo by Holland Photo Arts, lemonade photo by Brian Andriola, lemon centerpiece from Martha Stewart Weddings
Row 4: dahlia, oak leaf and lemon arrangement from Martha Stewart Weddings, chalkboard photo by Tec Petaja, locket from Vintage Rehab’s flickr, cake photo by Punam Bean

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