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Hello friends! I’m sorry about the late post today – I finished this inspiration board on the later side last night, and since I’m coming down with a cold, I couldn’t bring myself to stay awake long enough to post it. But, despite my head being in a total fog, here it is. This is what I consider a perfectly refined – without being fussy – yet rustic autumn wedding board for October first. Though I’ve used it before, I wanted to pull together another inspiration board around the barn in the upper left corner, but nothing seemed to work until the very talented Elizabeth Dye posted about her clever cocktail dress made from an old wedding gown. Once I saw that, I knew just what this autumn wedding board should look like.

Mood: unfussy refinement, autumn rustic
Palette: barnwood, pumpkin-gold, plum red

{click image to enlarge}
rustic autumn barn wedding
Top row from left: barn from Brides, calligraphy by Maybelle, bench photo by Elizabeth Messina, dress by Elizabeth Dye
Row 2: centerpiece styled by Molly Findlay via Oh So RB, steel guitar photo by Abigail Seymour, getaway car from Brides, vintage mailbox “guest book” from Grapevine Weddings
Row 3: candle photo by Gertrude & Mabel, old-timey poster invitation via Black Eiffel, fall foliage bouquet and tiered Madina Vadache dress both from Brides
Row 4: stack of gold rings by Hannah Clark, monogrammed bread by Poilâne via La Dolce Vita, Pennington Berry Farm jams


  • Martha says:

    I fell for the same dress on Elizabeth’s blog! And it looks great with your board! :)

    Martha B.

    PS- I hope you get to feeling better soon!

  • Brianna Rachel Williams says:

    where do you get your images? I’m trying to put together an inspiration board for my wedding and I’m so lost!!!

  • Babbi's World says:

    I have a question!! Do you (anyone) think it’s ok to have white flowers and a white bouquet is ur dress is a dark champagny color?? or will that clash and make the dress look even darker??

  • Jo Ann says:

    wow wow wow, I LOVE this! You do pretty good in a fog! Now crawl into bed with something warm and get some rest! jo

  • alicia541 says:

    that barn is simply stunning. imagine people walking in or staring from the outside– it evokes the perfect sense of fall whimsy and rustic warmth. love it.

  • DomestiGals says:

    Ok, that monogrammed bread? A to the Mazing! My man and I are total carboholics, especially since our trainer is making us cut way down on them… but I think for our wedding we will deserve a splurge like that! xoxo! Jen

  • Rebecca says:

    Be well, Kathryn–those fall colds are the worst…!

    Loving that bouquet with the leaves–talk about original!

  • One Love Photo says:

    Love the barn with the theater curtains. A perfect mix of elegance and rustic.

  • Blue Raspberry Button says:

    Wow absolutely beautiful!!! If only we had an actual fall season in Texas!!

    Feel better- I just had a nasty cold and it took me a week to get over it! I hope you have a speedy recovery!


  • Michele says:

    I absolutely love this board. I would love to have a perfect autumnal wedding but Texas has no fall. This board is so lovely though.

  • amber {daisy chain} says:

    wow, wow, wow!!! these autumnal colors are so yummy, so warm and romantic!

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