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I would never say that pink is one of my favorite colors, and my instinct would be to avoid it, but it seems that for weddings, some amount of pink is almost inevitable. Besides, I think Isaac Mizrahi said that anyone who tells you he doesn’t like pink is lying. So, with this collage I give over completely to pink, for the ultimate flirty, ruffly, girly pink wedding. I could also see this making a great shower theme.

Palette: peach, raspberry, cream
Mood: flirty and elegant

{click to enlarge photo}

Top from left: apricot place card and ribbon curtain both from MS, bouquet and tables both from Ariella Chezar
Row 2: Tara Jones calligraphy, J. Crew Camilla dress, photo from Jessica Claire, J. Crew Genevieve dress
Row 3: cheese place card from MS, cootie catcher via The Bride’s Guide, Rolls Royce from Laura Novak, bouquet from MS
Row 4: cakes from MS, ice cream from The Knot, Sofia sparkling wine, Beltane Ranch via Here Comes the Guide

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