Board #305 | All Hallows Eve

Happy Halloween all! Last year I did a more formal, Victorian-Gothic style Halloween board, but this year I thought I do something a little more playful and sweet. I was largely inspired by vintage Halloween cards and toys, and thought crepe paper streamers would be a perfect decorative element for this inspiration board (whether for a wedding or just a Halloween party).

Mood: Halloween whimsy
Palette: black, orange, white

{click image to enlarge}

Top row from left: black crepe bunting and streamers via The City Sage, bouquet from Martha Stewart Weddings, hat via Perfect Bound, vintage Halloween toys
Row 2: Halloween card by Paper Relics via Daisy Pink Cupcake, October table, painted pumpkins, ceremony photo from llore87’s flickr
Row 3: getaway bike from crosspollination via Once Wed, boutonniere from Martha Stewart Weddings, cake by The Cake Girls, dress by Stephanie James Couture, pumpkin steps from Martha Stewart
Row 4: shoes via coco+kelley, stationery by Linda & Harriett, candied apples via Ritzy Bee, bouquet by Artfool


  • Rebecca says:

    love it! I was just reading on Martha Stewart about vintage halloween postcards–spooky fun!

  • The Dutchess of Kickball says:

    I adore this! If I didn’t have my heart set on a certain style already, I would so be talking the man into this.

  • Lisa from Blush says:

    Kathryn, love your board today. I have to admit that I created a Halloween wedding inspiration board for today because I so loved the one you did last year! Thanks for your continuous inspiration… xoxo, Lisa

  • Sugar & Spice Event Design says:

    this is so cool. you make it look classic and quite whimisical. I am a fan! I also love the purple, black and white halloween color scheme too.

  • Liz Libré says:

    Thanks for using our vintage wallpaper invite! Love this round-up. It makes me feel like I took my wedding too seriously cause this would have been sooo much fun!

  • eNVe says:

    wow, I never would’ve even considered the thought of a halloween wedding.. but if it looked as fabulous as this board, I’d do it in a heartbeat! btw, I am LOVING those pumps!

  • Paper Relics says:

    Thanks for showing our newest Halloween Card (bewtiching you a happy halloween greeting)!

    Love the whole halloween board!

  • pinkstilettos says:

    Love love love these images. They are all so great! Happy Halloween- even if it is a little late! Daisy~

  • Apt. #34 says:

    I just wanted to say that you are so incredibly skilled at creating these boards and you provide daily inspiration. Thanks so much for all your hard work!

  • DeadmansLog says:

    I adore your boards in general, but as I’m having a ‘hallowedding’ this was particularly fun for me.

    Would you happen to have any insight into the flowers used in that bouquet? It’s brilliant.

  • Kathryn says:

    Hi deadmanslog,

    The bouquet in the top row is made of white hydrangea and black-beaded flowers. The bouquet in the bottom row is white sweetpeas, narcissus, ornithogalum and black privet berries. I hope that helps!


  • DeadmansLog says:

    Thank you, Kathryn. That helps tremendously!

    The entire board is fabulous, but the pennant & lace photograph and the bouquet up top just grabbed me.


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