Board #327 | Spring Watercolor

I thought I’d try and start the year off with a sweet, bright, and cheerful wedding board. The palette and mood of today’s board were inspired by Eva Lindh’s sweet photo – darling curls, a green gingham ribbon, and pops of orange and yellow. And I know they’re not exactly original, but for added sweetness, how can you resist balloons and cupcakes?

Mood: simple spring charm
Palette: spring green, pale aqua, yellow, orange, white

{click image to enlarge}

Top row from left: green gingham headband, Ann Wood cake topper via Style Me Pretty, balloons and bouquet both from Martha Stewart Weddings
Row 2: Swans Island Blanket via A Little Sussy, melon cups from Martha Stewart Weddings, ties photo by Thornton Photo, lemonade from Amy Atlas
Row 3: plate from Anthropologie, cupcake photo by Victoria Pearson, mason jar lights from Martha Stewart Weddings, notecards from Martha Stewart Crafts
Row 4: bouquet from Martha Stewart Weddings, dress via coco + kelley, boutonniere by Twigs & Honey, dress from Brides

Update! A lot of you have asked me about the Martha Stewart notecards, and my original link no longer works, which makes me think they’re not available anymore. If anyone has any luck tracking them down, please let us know in the comments!


  • Krista says:

    Ditto to Shana.
    And you're right, balloons & cupcakes always "sweeten" any scene!

  • Truly Engaging says:

    Springy indeed! Love the smattering of orange with greens and pale aqua. Very pretty.

  • Ashley Brooke Designs says:

    I read your blog all the time and I think this is one of my very favorites! You are so good at putting the insperation boards together!

  • citysage says:

    What a perfect board to start the year–so fresh and vibrant! I love the delicate spring flowers!

  • A Bun Can Dance says:

    I LOVE this colour scheme! Full of my kind of colours and images. Fresh green is most favourite colour, ever. Thank you for this beautiful collage board! Denise

  • Janmaree says:

    Oh that blue/green colour is beautiful – one of my favourite colours indeed!.

    What a sweet inspiration board.

    I am new to your blog – I love what I see!


  • Liz says:

    love this board and love how you included the red shades to warm up the palette!

  • The Wedding Decorator says:

    Beautiful what a wonderful start to the New Year, so refreshing!

  • Kate says:

    I love this, but I’m still not ready for winter to be over. It comes from living in the South I think. :) We’re barely cold here!

  • E&C says:

    I love those floral notecards in the 3rd row! Anyone know where you can find something similar? Or am I just missing them on the MS site? Thanks!

  • ksullen says:

    I’m a fall season person myself, but these spring colors are quite inviting. My favorite are the bright melon colors seen throughout and of course the cute-as-can-be bird cake toppers!

  • Laura says:

    This is the visual translation on what i would have liked my wedding to be!
    Gorgeous, sweet and so refreshing!

  • Phil says:

    Love your site and your Inspiration Boards! Thanks for including one of our images (Ties).

  • Jessica says:

    This is very similar to the color pallette I had at my wedding, although it was in August! We had a smattering of pink in the centerpieces as well. It was beautiful!

  • Molly says:

    I love this!!! I can’t seem to find the Martha Stewart Crafts notecards though…

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