Board #353 | Songbird Love

Today’s wedding board is my way of willing away the snow and welcoming back the birds…

Mood: subtly ornate, garden elegance
Palette: pale powdery blue,

{click image to enlarge}

Top row from left: pussy willow nest from Martha Stewart, rice packets via Marry Me!, bird photo via Cherry Blossom Girl, garden bench from Coty Farquhar
Row 2: photo via {frolic!}, garden table photo by Brian Andriola, suit photo by Stephanie Williams, plate of chocolates photo by Elizabeth Messina
Row 3: ceremony venue from Martha Stewart Weddings, photo from Napa Valley Celebrations, bouquet by Modern Day Design, photo by Victoria Pearson


  • Shana says:

    YES! I’ve been obsessing over love bird themed weddings lately! This is perfect! An Ann Wood cake topper would just complete the picture in my head! I am SO excited! THANK YOU!

  • Katie Ring <br> email: <br> studio: 617.785.9241 says:

    Beautiful inspiration boards and great job giving credit to the photographers! Many people forget to credit their sources and as a photographer I wanted to thank you for doing such a through job!

  • allison corinne says:

    i’ve been reading your blog for a little over two months now, and this is by far my favorite mood board!! so, so beautiful!

  • Courtney Spencer says:

    gorgeous kathryn! this board looks like it stepped right out of anthropologie. i love it!

  • Robyn Love Steele::Calligrapher says:

    I love the powder blue…it makes an event so dreamy!

  • Jena Lepitzki says:

    Gorgeous Kathryn! Loving the posts around the web of birds, birdcages and spring.

  • emily says:

    Kathryn, this board makes me so ready for spring to be here. As always…incredible!!

  • Blair says:

    Oh, how lovely! Just heard some birds this morning and can’t wait for the real spring to come. I actually did a post on bird cage decor today!

  • Jermantowicz says:

    This inspiration board reminds my of antique sepia toned photographs! Very pretty!

  • robyn@marryme! says:

    thanks so much for the shout-out {tag}! love this board – i’ve always had a thing for birds… :)

  • DomestiGals says:

    I LOVE the chocolate brown striped suit. Divine. A little too out there for The Lawyer but it makes me happy just knowing grooms dress like this :-)


    DomestiGal Jen

  • shanon says:

    I LOVE these shots together. What a sophisticated and gorgeous wedding it would make. 8 years ago, when I was planning my wedding I wanted a bird theme… then I eloped in Vegas. So much for that! But I’ll always keep it in my for a vow renewal I suppose. =)

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