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Inspiration boards are back! It feels like forever since I posted one of these! Thank you so much for your patience and understanding last week – I can’t tell you how much it means. Hopefully the moments of total meltdown and anxiety and self-doubt (agh!) will be few and far between from here on out. And now, on with the inspiration…

The other title I was considering for this inspiration board was “A Perfect Match” – I guess that will have to wait until my next tennis inspired wedding board. Green and white stripes slowly turned into a tennis-themed wedding – something playful and preppy, and totally appropriate since Wimbledon is happening right now. And though there is certainly a tennis aspect to today’s inspiration board, I don’t think it’s overly theme-y and cheesy. Are you incorporating a hobby or interest into your wedding?

Mood: playfully preppy
Palette: tennis green and white

{click image to enlarge}

Top row from left: green centerpiece with grapes and pears from Martha Stewart Weddings, dress photo by Shelly Kroeger, soda mixers by Stirrings, bouquet by Artfool
Row 2: tennis balls from Wedding Style Guide, green bridesmaid dresses from Martha Stewart Weddings, striped tie photo by Melanie Mauer
Row 3: striped tennis card by Natalie Eden, Mr. and Mrs. cookies by Soiree via The Bride’s Cafe, centerpiece by Artfool, cake by Lovin’ Sullivan


  • {The Perfect Palette} says:

    totally loving this one!!! the stripes are great!

  • nibsblog says:

    Welcome back Kathryn! :)

    A pretty board to start the week…love the bride's dress.

    Martha B.

  • MagischBride says:

    Definitely worth the wait! What a great board for a Monday morning!


  • Natalie Jane says:

    This is lovely. By the way, I gave you a little award on my blog today :)

  • LPC says:

    Very cute. I like the play between the loose informal flowers, the structured stripes, and the whole concept of tennis. Lovely.

  • Anne @ The City Sage says:

    Love it! Just gorgeous as usual—and I hope the chaos of moving is more or less over so you can start settling in!

  • Susan Terese says:

    I am an avid tennis player so it is great to see you can pull off a "semi-themed" wedding with style and class! Love this board :)

  • Stephanie Lyn says:

    Great board! I love stripes as a texture, especially in this gorgeous punchy green! I'm doing cream & black stripes as an accent texture in my October wedding.

  • Janele says:

    How unique! The tennis netting design on the cake is so fun. Thanks for sharing your inspiration board. I hope you feel less stressed.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is stunning. I would love it if you put up a bronze (with vintage flair) inspiration board

  • {this is glamorous} says:

    Fun! Love the stripes and fresh, cheerful palette.

  • Encore Bride says:

    Welcome back, thank you for another wonderful board, I LOVE the bride's gown!

  • alli michelle says:

    I love tennis, and this is a great board with the perfect colors in time for Wimbledon. So inspiring!

  • karla says:

    LOVE this one! The preppy boards you put together are so fun!

  • Ashley says:

    Love your inspiration boards and your blog is very well done! Will definitely be checking back for updates!

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