Board #406 | Sweets & Roses

One of these days, I’m going to have a beautiful garden, and I’m going to have little garden parties where I serve cookies and lemonade. In the meantime, I’ve translated my little dream into a simple garden wedding for you. The color scheme and idea aren’t anything new, but it’s still one of my favorite looks, and the individual images are so lovely that I couldn’t resist.

Mood: sweets and roses
Palette: garden green, sugar white

{click image to enlarge}

Top row from left: mock orange via Nibs, cookies from Sweet Paul, lemonade and flowers from Wedding Style Guide
Row 2: photo by Jose Villa, birdhouses from Rebecca Thuss, cupcakes from Project Wedding
Row 3: invitations from Martha Stewart Weddings, centerpiece from Brides, dessert buffet by Amy Atlas, bouquet from Martha Stewart Weddings

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