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It’s been a month since I posted any inspiration boards, but they’re back! Lately I’ve found myself drawn to the idea of simpler, smaller weddings – think city hall ceremony followed by a dinner party reception at your favorite restaurant – so that’s what we have here today. But simple doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style – there are so many ways to add whimsy and personality to simple wedding plans without going crazy or over-the-top. Posters are an unexpected way to invite your guests to celebrate with you, and quirky hand-lettered envelopes add to their uniqueness. Pale pink candles make for chic centerpieces, especially when displayed in modern glass candlesticks that you can gift to your guests when they head home. And instead of traditional wedding cake, see if your reception venue/caterers will work with you to hand out small servings of cotton candy.

Mood: simple city hall chic
Palette: black and white, gray, barely there pink

{click image to enlarge}

Top row from left: Morgan Davies dress from Brides UK, photo by Anna Kuperberg, dinner party poster invitation via I Am a Greedy Girl
Row 2: miniature cotton candy from Callahan Catering, gray suits photo by Jose Villa
Row 3: city hall photo by Ben Chrisman, white ranunculus bouquet by Artfool, tuxedo-inspired table number wine bottles from Martha Stewart Weddings
Row 4: hand lettering by Leigh Wells, pale pink candles and glass candlesticks from Martha Stewart Wedding, The Cliff House


  • cara @ lillian and leonard says:


    Today, if I was getting married again, this is the wedding I'd have.

  • miss fancy pants (the bride) says:

    I like the idea of monochromatic with a hint of color. Pink is not my thing, but the thing I like about this is that it could be adapted to any focal color.

  • Meg @ Sienna Wedding says:

    This is sweet, I love the black and white with a hint of pale pink.

  • annaliza photography says:

    mmm, i LOVE that idea. that's what i was thinking when given the thought that i could do it over. nice and simple w/o compromising style.

  • Barchbo says:

    I have missed the inspiration boards! This one is totally beautiful – what a gorgeous palette! One of my fave things about your boards is that they can be used to inspire anything – not just weddings! This would be a great color scheme for our third bedroom, too! Love!

  • shanon says:

    Woo-hoo! Yay! I'm so glad the boards are back! =) And I really love that you've included the Cliff House because I find that location so interesting. xoxo

  • Holly says:

    I feel like I don't see this often enough, monochromatic schemes that make the contrast color really pop, even if it is as soft as a pale rose color. So classy, I love it.

  • Mmm. Yes. Exactly. The honeymoon was the best part, and this feels like the start of a honeymoon.

  • Jessica's Joys! says:

    I love all of your inspiration boards, but this one has to e one of my favs. So beautiful. I feel like weddings need to go back to this style! Thanks!

  • Kalea says:

    Oh be still my heart – there is nothing I love more than a black and white, tuxedo inspired wedding theme. And with hints of pink?? Does it get any more classic and romantic? I think not!

    I love it!

  • Camille @ STYLE NOTES says:

    Simply gorgeous… the pink candlesticks have such a quiet, unfussy elegance. And the cotton candy adds whimsy!

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