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The color red and I have a funny relationship. I avoid wearing it and using it in my personal decor, and I especially dislike red flowers, but then I see it in places where no other color would do, and it surprises and charms me. Red lipstick on a bride (the perfect accessory!), red letters on a bistro chair, a shockingly red door or piano. But it’s a dramatic color, so use it wisely – perhaps against a crisp white backdrop as I’ve done here. Though I love the bride’s red lipstick, I’ve imagined her carrying a bouquet of white flowers and some foliage. Red ranunculus have made their way into the centerpieces, but the gorgeous porcelain vase by Frances Palmer has enough personality to hold its own (you’d better believe this woman’s work is going on my registry). Though I think this palette could work well in most seasons, right now I can’t help but think of it as a cheery color scheme for a snowy winter wedding – appropriate for this first day of December, don’t you think?

Mood: cheery and charming
Palette: lacquer red, snow white

{click image to enlarge}

Top row from left: Jenny Lee dress from Martha Stewart Weddings, bistro chair photo via Sunday Suppers, “quilted” wedding invitation by Prentiss Douthit, IKEA tea towels via The Kitchn
Row 2: red velvet layer cake via The Bride’s Guide, red piano from Martha Stewart Weddings, bouquet with white roses and snow berries photo by Clark + Walker Studio
Row 3: red ranunculus in a vase by Frances Palmer, red door photo by Love Life Images, white chocolate wedding cake favors from Martha Stewart Weddings, blind letterpress save-the-date by Alee & Press


  • Camille @ STYLE NOTES says:

    I am SO on the same page as you with red… a little pop of ruby goes a long way! Just did a board that is an all-white background with red accents, and the color combo really is so cheery & striking.

    Beautiful board, and adore the red piano centerpiece! XO

  • Katie says:

    I feel exactly the same about red as you do. Most of the time I think I don't care for it, and then i see something i like that surprises me.
    (I'm all about red ornaments this year!)
    great board!

  • jessica quadra photography says:

    i LOVE the red piano! and i especially love december weddings!

  • Michele says:

    How funny, I feel exactly the same about red. I never wear it, I don't decorate with it, I don't want it used in my wedding and I don't like red flowers but every once in a while red really appeals to me. One of those times is in this board, it's amazing here. You are the queen of inspiration boards!

  • Cathe says:

    Love, Love, Love RED. It was one of my wedding colors many moons ago. Beautiful inspiration board! Love the red velvet cake shot.

  • Stephanie says:

    I know you said you haven't posted boards in a month, but I am seriously in love with your last 2 board posts. I'm loving the red velvet & this brides look. Amazingly gorgeous & subtle.

  • Kristi Wright says:

    I'm not a big red fan either. I do love red lippe on a bride. These images are beautiful touches – very classy.

  • modern-bride says:

    Great palette, I love the hints of red among the white, it's the perfect dose. Love that vase too!

  • Lucky Designs says:

    I love the red elements. Bright, and cheerful, but not overwhelming!

  • Holly says:

    Red is such a bold and romantic color, I don't think it's used often enough in weddings for how amazing it can turn out!

  • Anonymous says:

    To me, red is hands down the most overused color in weddings. If I see one more black and red wedding…

    I love the freshness of this board though. You managed to renew my like for the color red in weddings.

  • Kathryn says:

    Thanks for the nice comments everyone! Funny to hear that a lot of you feel the same way about red.

    And Anon 4:57 – I totally agree. Red and black definitely has to be done right to keep from looking garish.


  • Michaela says:

    yay! I'm so excited inspiration boards are back! And I love that red piano from the wedding featured in Martha Stewart Weddings.

  • Molly Jean says:

    yay! inspiration boards! i'm all for the quaint wedding these days, also. small in scale, big in style. oh & were i getting married, & planning a wedding like this, i'd totally wear one of OUMA's short dresses (from the Etsy shop).

  • Adventures Along The Way says:

    I love red! Our colors for our October wedding were "black and white, with touches of red." I loved it! It was vibrant and classy…

  • Little Spoon says:

    I love this board! Red has become our "unofficial" accent color. We chose white, ivory, beige and black with pops of fall colors (i.e. red). I'm loving the veil too!

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