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I apologize for repeating images from time to time – there are some that I return to again and again. It seems like every year around this time, this sweet ruffled dress by Oscar de la Renta makes an appearance in one of my inspiration boards (like here, and here). I just can’t help it – I love it! And even though it’s short, it feels like the perfect winter wedding dress to me.

Though winter weddings are generally more formal than in other seasons – I think it’s the fact that we’re stuck indoors and wearing more clothes – that’s no reason to sacrifice the simplicity that we’ve been talking about lately. Choose a dress that makes you feel beautiful, a classic color palette (inspired by this post), and choose a few details that matter to you and make them extra-special (like quirky calligraphy, or a wreath in lieu of a traditional bouquet, or miniature panettone for your guests to take home). As Gia Canali wrote in this insightful post (which I linked to on Friday, but in case you missed it), take it easy and do a few things well.

Update! Check out what Meg posted this morning over on A Practical Wedding!

Mood: classic sophistication, elegant whimsy
Palette: ivory and evergreen

{click image to enlarge}

Top row from left: tea-length Oscar de la Renta dress from Martha Stewart Weddings, shoes and birdcage veil photo by Jose Villa, olive branch heart via Cafe Cartolina, miniature panettone favors from Martha Stewart Weddings with letterpress tags by Austin Press
Row 2: bay leaf garland from Martha Stewart Weddings via The Bride’s Guide, chapel photo by Mark Staff, white rose petals photo by Jonathan Canlas
Row 3: laurel-wreath table number from Alison Events, cake with greenery decorations photo by Jose Villa, whimsical calligraphy by Betsy Dunlap, wreath “bouquet” from Martha Stewart Weddings via The Bride’s Guide


  • Jaclyn says:

    I love how simply elegant and sophisticated this is!

    Jaclyn –

  • Shannon Mackenzie Orr says:

    That Oscar outfit is actually a separate skirt and top. Which edition/ what month of Martha Stewart Weddings is that outfit from? I have been looking for a picture of the long structured Oscar de la Renta gown from that same shoot and cannot find it! Thank you!

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