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This inspiration board didn’t start out with an accent color, but there is the slightest hint of mint green on the walls of Lisa Lefkowitz’s photograph, and that inspired the rest of these image choices. I imagine a chic cocktail party, or (yet again) a champagne and dessert reception. Though it may take place in a gorgeous mansion, and though the men may be in black tie attire, formality is no reason to exclude whimsical touches, such as calligraphy cootie catchers or a sweet snack of hot beignets. Though they are certainly not major elements in any wedding, they’re a fun touch if you feel up to executing them.

Mood: polished, sweet
Palette: tuxedo black, crisp white, a touch of mint green

{click image to enlarge}

Top row from left: calla lily centerpiece from Brides, black bridesmaid dress by Q is for Quail, calligraphy cootie catcher from Martha Stewart Weddings, Kohl Mansion wedding photo by Lisa Lefkowitz
Row 2: seven-tiered coconut buttercream wedding cake from Martha Stewart Weddings, classic wedding rings photo by Whitebox Weddings, ornate RSVP card by Austin Press, Elie Saab butterfly sleeve dress from Brides
Row 3: tuxedo, lily-of-the-valley and hydrangea nosegay, and beignets all from Martha Stewart Weddings, Flood Mansion


  • Camille @ STYLE NOTES says:

    I love this timelessly elegant color palette (what could be more classic than black, white, & pops of green?!) with the addition of whimsical touches to make it a modern, unforgettable occasion. The beignets & cootie catchers are the little details that guests would remember long after the wedding day!

  • everyanything says:

    beautiful!!! i love mint. i love your whole blog too, great job :)

  • miss fancy pants (the bride) says:

    Amazing cake! I've never seen such a streamlines 7 tier before. Well done.

  • Itinerant Studio/Look Photography says:

    Lovely post. The pale minty green goes so nicely with the simple bxw.

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