Board #465 | Lily-of-the-Valley Revisited

Though one of the first inspiration boards I ever did had a lily-of-the-valley theme, I figure that was long enough ago that I could revisit it (and hopefully improve it) without boring too many folks. It’s a classic choice for weddings – it looks like teeny wedding bells, and is such a charming harbinger of Spring. It’s not the cheapest flower out there (um, at all), and it takes a ton of them to get any sort of volume, but just a few pips in your bouquet, sugar versions on your cake, or vintage millinery flowers on your ring pillow adds a touch of the classic and timeless.

Mood: traditional spring wedding
Palette: classic green and white

{click image to enlarge}

Top row from left: bud vases with lily-of-the-valley from Rebecca Thuss, individual lily-of-the-valley favors from Martha Stewart, lily-of-the-valley boutonniere by Flowerwild
Row 2: ivy garland photo by Elizabeth Messina, cake decorated with sugar flowers via The Bride’s Guide
Row 3: flower girl and seating cards both from Martha Stewart Weddings, Jacqueline Bouvier
Row 4: ring pillow with vintage millinery lily-of-the-valley from Rebecca Thuss, lily-of-the-valley bouquet photo by Aaron Delesie, calligraphy on green envelope by Tara Jones


  • miss fancy pants (the bride) says:

    Love it. Those bud vase centerpieces are awesome!

  • Starry Night Design Studio says:

    They are perfect on that wedding cake! I have them growing in my garden… I just love them!

  • LEL says:

    HEART the Jackie pic…I was just looking at their wedding pics in Time mag online yesterday…so beautiful!

  • kasia says:

    I've been obsessed with LOTV since I was a child, and wanted desperately to have it in my wedding…but no florist will work with it! The florists I've met with say there is a huge risk they will wilt and be very expensive.

  • ZFrancis says:

    The picture of the little girl is so cute! This is wonderfully put together. A great memory to look back on.

  • Sarah @ Foglio Press says:

    I just love the green and white color scheme. I think using something so small and intricate, in perfectly edited, subtle doses like the bud vases and the boutonniere, are perfectly updated classic. And the calligraphy on the green envelopes is amazing!

  • Mary says:

    The green and white is perfectly fresh and timeless together. Love this board – Def one of my all time favs :)

  • Michele says:

    I love Lily of the Valley, it's the "flower" for my birth month and will be in season during our March wedding but it's just too expensive to use. However, I think it's one of the most beautiful flowers out there.

  • tinypaperheart says:

    ooo LOVE the row of bud vases in the first picture. so pretty. :)

  • Bailey @ peppermintbliss says:

    So pure! I love it…
    p.s. I posted a sneak peak of our save the dates done by Yellow Owl Studio today if you are interested in checking them out…I would love your feedback!

  • MrsFord says:

    sooo pretty and chic. tiffany & co have a gorgeous lily of the valley crystal collection that would compliment this so nicely.

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