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After posting nearly 500 inspiration boards (good grief!), I figured it was okay to revisit some of my earlier ones. Pulling from them and re-working them, at the least making them new, and at best improving on the originals. I first posted an inspiration board called Chasing Butterflies back in 2008, and decided to change it up a bit in today’s post. A butterfly-themed wedding could so easily become too sweet or cute, which is why I love this antique, scientific take on it. Maybe incorporate magnifying glasses and vintage scientific illustrations to complete the look? Also, notice the use of old jewelry and keepsake boxes – I think these could be a wonderfully unexpected decorative element. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this revised version as much (or more!) than the original.

Mood: adventures in romance and academia
Palette: blue gray, caramel, oak, dry hydrangea

{click image to enlarge}

Top row from left: butterfly chasers photo by Rodney Smith, moths and robin eggs photo by Cori Kindred, Angel Sanchez dress from Town & Country Weddings
Row 2: butterfly jar photo by Mandy Lynne, specimen box from The Society, Inc.
Row 3: bouquet with orchids and ferns by Ariella Chezar, pink ring photo by Johnny Miller, wild floral centerpiece by Ariella Chezar, twine-wrapped invitations photo by Elizabeth Messina


  • Sarah @ Foglio Press says:

    This is really lovely…I'm picturing invitations with hand-watercolored butterfly imagery, maybe layered with botanical sketches and romantic, handwriting inspired fonts!

  • Vanessa says:

    Classic, elegant, timeless, really a beautiful inspiration board.

  • timelesshome annika says:

    I am looking for butterflys in frame, so hard to find.
    I catched some as a child, did putt them in a glas jar studied them and let them out.
    They have so fragile beuty.

  • M and E says:

    Amazing! What a beautiful inspiration board! If only I could get married again and again. Always to the same person of course.

  • Sarah says:

    this is one of my favorites to date – i needed this today :)

  • Corinne says:

    I love this, definitely an improvement on the old one. My fiancee and I are both scientists, so any science realted ideas are always welcome :)

  • Jolette says:

    Love that puff-sleeved dress and the pink ring! Well done on another beautiful board, Kathryn, and such a creative/unique theme too.

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