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I recently read an article (cannot for the life of me remember where I read it) about the resurgence of vintage style, and the desire for artisan, hand-crafted things, and how almost anywhere you look you’ll see anachronistic jumbles of designs and things reminiscent of bygone days. Not that I needed to read an article to tell me this, but it did get me thinking about how this trend is certainly present in the wedding world. That, combined with this film about the inspiring architecture and design firm, Roman & Williams, plus my desire to incorporate Root Liquor into an inspiration board, all led up to today’s post. Not everything here comes from the same era or region, but there’s a common thread in the palette and feel of each element, and I don’t think any of it takes itself too seriously except for that love of hand-crafting and thoughtful design. It’s all mostly somewhat masculine, but I think the tiniest bit of blush pink could balance it nicely.

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Palette: caramel, whiskey, leather,

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Top row from left: peeling theater poster via Decorology, dapper gentleman via The Sartorialist, Leica camera via Dress Design Decor, Root Liquor from Art in the Age
Row 2: photo of picture frame wall by Elizabeth Messina, Western Union telegram wedding invitation by Greenwich Letterpress via Once Wed
Row 3: gramophone photo by Justin & Mary, brown and white striped necktie by Billy Reid, salted caramel and chocolate cake by Baked via Amy Atlas, cocktail ring photo by Johnny Miller
Row 4: Tobacco Warehouse photo by Raquel Reis, bistro table via The Bride’s Guide, photo of apothecary jar “bud vase” by Tec Petaja, nude blusher veil by Che Bella via MSP Magazine


  • Anonymous says:

    This really is a departure from the boards you usually show and I want to congratulate you on it; I think it's fabulous. For girls who aren't necessarily into frills and lace, but still love the luxuries in life, this is a really unique concept, with many ways to interpret it. I like the idea of adding that creamy color of silk and pearls slightly yellowed with age for a feminine touch-pink isn't even required to femme it up, as it were. I love how deep and sumptuous this color scheme is; the colors of things careworn and treasured-and the possibilities of texture and environment (as you've shown here) are virtually endless. Love, love LOVE this.

    The fact that you can come up with something like this, Kathryn, in addition to the many formal, playful, and feminine boards you've done over the years is only further testament to how talented you truly are. Thank you for giving us such varied beauty and brilliant inspiration to start our days. Keep it up!!

    Best Wishes,

    S.E.Bancroft, Oxford, UK

  • Beauty H2T says:

    What a lovely comment above, I totally agree, this board is really inspirational, I adore it, well done you,


  • Silvana says:

    Rich and velvety is all I can come up with. Classic rustic and luxurious all in one board? Love it.

  • dognbird says:

    Agree with the other comments, love the natural and organic elements, and the throwback Western Union touch!

  • Alison Fay says:

    This board is fantastic! I love all feel, the color pallete, everything! But most of all- i love that salted carmel chocolate cake:)

  • kate reymann says:

    Root Liquor! That stuff is sooo good!

    Also, very nice board.

  • Shana says:

    I totally agree that this board is amazing! However, I totally disagree that Kathryn typically does girly-girl boards. One things I love about your boards, Kathryn, is that they ARE so versatile.

    For brides wanting a more masculine yet gorgeous wedding, check out these of boards of Kathryn that I've saved:

    #163: DIY Waterfront
    #181: Take Me Out to the Ballgame
    #68: Hunting Party
    #373: Rocky Mountain Romance
    #54: Campfire Girls (and Boys)
    #468: Love Butterflies – My personal favorite!

    Of course, personally the more girly the better, in my opinion! ;)

  • Amber says:

    This reminds me of "O Brother Where Art Thou," a movie that always reminds me of home (Appalachia). It almost makes me wish I could go back and have a moonshine-themed wedding!

  • Joanna Goddard says:

    oooh i really love this color palate. thecake is awesome, and such pretty details all around!

  • Mama H says:

    Love love LOVE this. The old barn wood and telegram invitation just get me.

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