Board #578 | Vintage Botanical Jasmine Vine

Mood: vintage garden romance
Palette: vine green, parchment paper, pink jasmine

I love the way jasmine vine grows- completely unashamed, it takes over everything and fills the air with perfume. Maybe it’s because the flowers are little, but I’m surprised that I’ve never seen a wedding with florals centered around jasmine – both flower and vine. So I decided to create one in an inspiration board! There’s a bit of a vintage botanical/apothecary motif here, which you could certainly abandon or enhance, depending on the overall look you’re going for. Though I think with jasmine, it’s impossible not to have “romantic” be a descriptor.

Vendor Credits

Row 1: La Botanique by Regnault via Michaele's Pinterest / simple jasmine centerpiece by Ariel Dearie for Sunday Suppers / vintage French pharmacy bottles from The Hope Tree  //  Row 2: dress from Ivy & Aster / rhubarb and rosewater cocktails from 101 Cookbooks / bouquet with jasmine and roses from Martha Stewart Weddings  //  Row 3: jasmine centerpiece by Saipua / spring garden letterpress invitation by Austin Press / Liberty of London necktie / cake with stephanotis vine from Martha Stewart Weddings


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