Board #6 | Rock Star Nobility

There is something fun about combining stuffy blue blood and irreverent rock star for a wedding I could/would never have. But they’re such gorgeously opulent elements…

Palette: hot pink, sapphire blue, ivory
Mood: lavish

{click to enlarge image}

Top row, from left: Dita von Teese from Vogue via Social Design, bouquet from MS, calligraphy from Laura Hooper
Row 2: Antoinette flatware from Gracious Style, Irish manor, Dutch still-life
Row 3: horse and carriage, Asscher cut engagement ring, pleated cake from Brides
Row 4: Le Bal Crillon, little attendants at Elizabeth Hurley’s wedding, vintage Rolls Royce

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  • Oh Happy Blog! says:

    Found your blog via Brooklyn Bride… and commend your efforts… it can be difficult to be so creative EVERY day- but you seem to make it look so easy… great job and I’ll definitely be stopping in to get my dose of a daily board

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