Bridal Shower: Flower Arranging Class

Camille of Camille Styles is one of the loveliest people I’ve had the pleasure to meet, and she hosts some of the loveliest get togethers. A few weeks ago, she invited a group of her creative friends over for “Food & Flowers,” and the whole thing is such wonderful inspiration for a bridal shower. Says Camille:

Every girl I know loves gorgeous flowers, but most of my friends (and myself) don’t always know just what to do with our blooms when we get them home from the market. I thought it would be a such a blast to gather a group of friends to learn a few tips for making beautiful arrangements in a completely un-intimidating environment. Of course, the flowers at the farmers market can’t overshadow the equally-vibrant fruits and vegetables at this time of year, so I decided to make this party a total celebration of seasonal food and flowers.

I covered my dining table in butcher paper, and added a romantic floral runner for lunch; the runner was easily removed after we ate, leaving us with the perfect workspace for our “flower school.”

The charming cake was inspired by Saveur’s strawberry cake, and this post on Seven Spoons. After a lunch of seasonally inspired dishes, Ash Bailey from The Byrd Collective instructed the ladies in the art of flower arranging. She provided each guest with an apron, vintage milk glass vase, and pruning shears. Says Ash:

I wanted to use this class as an opportunity to show students not be afraid of the flowers, but to have fun with them. I believe that everyone should put together the colors and textures that capture her own attention, creating a unique canvas that eventually becomes an arrangement. No need for a floral “recipe” for this class – each student simply added the amount of garden roses, dahlias, sweet peas, scented geranium, astilbe, moss and even seasonal fruit that felt right to her. I supplied the most beautiful flowers I could get my hands on during this season. “Earth laughs in flowers,” as Ralph Waldo Emerson says, and that’s how I see it, too. Flowers are joyous, and I love teaching my creative students to be calm and enjoy the sheer luxury of holding a flower in her hands, transforming it into a gorgeous arrangement.

Wouldn’t this make for a fun bridal shower?! Camille sums up the party perfectly, “The whole day was truly a feast for the senses, full of wonderful fragrances, mouthwatering tastes and all-around beauty. And each girl loved getting to take her unique creation to enjoy at home!” Thank you Camille! Also, can we talk about how delicious that raspberry pistachio cake looks? Lucky for us, Camille is sharing the recipe today over on her blog, so be sure to take a look!



Yellow and Red Watermelon Skewers with Pure Luck Feta // Asparagus with Olive Oil Sabayon and Radish // Oka Potato Salad with Fennel, Castelvetrano Olives, and Citrus Vinaigrette // Salmon Tartare on Avocado Toast with Chile Oil // Raspberry and Pistachio Cake with Mascarpone Icing // Strawberry and Rose-Infused Sorbet



Photography: Melanie Grizzel, She-n-He / Concept, design, styling: Camille Styles / Floral design and instruction: Ash Bailey, The Byrd Collective / Catering: Any Style Catering / Invitations: Byrd & Bleeker / Fabric pom favors: Emersonmade


  • What a creative idea! The seasonal food all looks amazing — especially the Greek-inspired watermelon and feta skewers! They served something quite similar at the Gabby Awards (Greek American Awards) this year, except the watermelon cubes were sprinkled with pistachios.

  • I love that cake. Such a simple bit of tasty decoration!! And of course it sits atop a trunk cake stand which is my favorite!!!

  • This is a brilliant concept. I love the idea of showers based around an activity. And that food looks heavenly!

  • This is gorgeous – Love Camille and I would love to do this for my bridal shower. It looks so much fun!
    Rachie xo

  • Pure beauty. I love providing guests with an experience. Those are what great memories are made of.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Jessica says:

    I love this – it’s so creative and relaxing! Fun for a girls night in or a shower idea. I love Camille and wish that I could have joined in on the festivites :)

  • Wow, this looks so lovely! I want a party like this for my lady friends. That cake makes me want to either bake, or eat cake, or both right this moment.

  • Thanks for all the sweet comments ladies…it was SUCH a fun day of friends, flowers and incredible food. So glad you were all inspired! xoxo

  • Nice way to combine pleasure with useful! It will take away pre-wedding stress. And who knows,may be it will be a great DIY project for your wedding,and your bridesmaids will help you to make arrangements and bouquets for the big day? It is nice for saving budget:) Thank you for sharing!

  • Thank you so much for the inspiring ideas. We’ve been wanting to hold a party like this at the shop for awhile! Really appreciate the insight, everything was fun and creative =)

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  • Lisa says:

    This is a brilliant idea that I would love more information on for june/july 2014.

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