Bridesmaid Dresses from Donna Morgan

Trying to find the right dresses for your bridesmaids can be nearly as tricky as finding a wedding gown for yourself! Thankfully, with 13 designs in more than 15 colors, Donna Morgan has made it a snap to find lovely attire for all of your ladies. And who says they have to look identical? Here, two dress styles in three colors coordinate perfectly…

Maybe you imagine just your Maid of Honor in something long, or maybe each girl will wear a different shade of blue. With so many options – and the ability to search by either style or color – the Donna Morgan Bridesmaids Collection has something for every wedding vision.

Another big plus when you order your bridesmaid dresses from Donna Morgan? Same day shipping! As long as the dress you want is in stock, it will be sent off to you within 24 hours.

So I’d love to know: if you were to mix and match two or three different colors or styles from Donna Morgan Bridesmaids for your wedding, what would you choose? I must say, I’m loving the combination in these pics: Midnight, Amethyst, and Grey Ridge. So elegant and sweet!


Photography by Trent Bailey Photography.
Styling by Jacqueline Weppner for Merci New York.
This post sponsored by Donna Morgan Bridesmaids.

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