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To really experience the best parts of any wedding, you have to be there. But if we’re lucky, brilliant photography (I’m looking at you Nirav Patel) and thoughtful write-ups from the couple (thank you Lacy and Drew) can help tell the story and make us feel like we were there. Or at least make us wish we were! This is one of those weddings that I just get the grins about every time I look at the bride’s face full of joy, or read what the groom wrote about how they found their venue.

And yes. These two totally went surfing together the morning of their wedding.


Nirav Patel | Snippet & Ink


The Location

“We searched the state, from Cayucos to Mendocino, before finding an incredible location nearby to San Francisco in Bolinas,” says Drew. “A coastal town had always been our first choice, and this place is an incredibly beautiful hamlet with natural beauty, beaches, surfing, hiking, and even an honor system farm stand. We surf in the area most summers, and on every trip we marvel at how beautiful it is and how much we’d love to move there! But after all those trips we hadn’t found a wedding venue, so after a few calls and emails we had basically given up. Then, on one of our surf trips, we stumbled into conversations that led us to the wonderful private estate that the two of us immediately decided was the perfect wedding venue.”


Nirav Patel | Snippet & InkNirav Patel | Snippet & InkNirav Patel | Snippet & Ink


Doesn’t Lacy has the greatest wedding day happy face of all time?! Her joy is absolutely contagious!


Nirav Patel | Snippet & InkNirav Patel | Snippet & InkNirav Patel | Snippet & InkNirav Patel | Snippet & InkNirav Patel | Snippet & InkNirav Patel | Snippet & Ink


The Ceremony

“We worked with our good friend Adam (who also officiated the ceremony) to write our wedding ceremony,” says the groom. “Adam has a knack with words and was so helpful in structuring a ceremony from scratch that worked really well. We tried to incorporate as many friends and family as possible so we could have a personal, intimate, yet approachable ceremony. We chose readings that channeled the unique setting of the ceremony and fit our personalities.”


11-nirav-patel-snippetandink-lacydrewNirav Patel | Snippet & InkNirav Patel | Snippet & InkNirav Patel | Snippet & InkNirav Patel | Snippet & InkNirav Patel | Snippet & Ink


Your ceremony in three words.  Playful, Intimate, Majestic.

Did you include any traditions in your wedding?  We tried to incorporate traditions while making them our own. We wanted to break the glass but liked the idea of each of us stomping our own. We weren’t totally keen on a processional until we decided that each of us would enter the ceremony to our own piece of music. We had a first dance but cut it short, breaking into an impromptu choreographed dance routine with our families.

What was your favorite thing about your ceremony?  We enjoyed our take on the Seven Blessings, where we prompted different friends and family to interpret seven themes – generosity and gratitude, love, laughter, health, adventure and outdoor pursuits, curiosity and creativity, and finally, community, family and friends – into their own (mostly short!) blessings for us. We didn’t know what everyone would say or do until go time; the blessings were unique, beautiful, and a wonderful opportunity for Lacy and me to sit back and appreciate our closest loved ones.


Nirav Patel | Snippet & Ink


The Reception

“When we were planning our wedding, we knew we wanted the weekend to have a few focal points,” shares the groom. “For one, we wanted to highlight the California coast, which we absolutely love and where we spend almost every weekend surfing together. Also, we wanted our wedding to be more than an afternoon – we wanted to find a destination our friends and family would be excited to visit, far enough from San Francisco so we could draw people away from their busy lives and into a mellow weekend by the beach. Finally, we wanted our wedding to be focused on celebrating natural beauty, enjoying great food, dancing to good music and having everyone we love together in the same beautiful place.”


Nirav Patel | Snippet & InkNirav Patel | Snippet & InkNirav Patel | Snippet & InkNirav Patel | Snippet & InkNirav Patel | Snippet & Ink


What was your favorite moment or part of the day?  We both loved the moment we entered the barn to cheers from our guests; we paused a moment to take in the sounds and sights; and then we sat down at a beautifully decorated table full of our favorite people.


Nirav Patel | Snippet & Ink


Please tell us about any special details from your wedding.  Looking back on the event, I think the details we really appreciate now are manifold – the custom watercolors on the escort cards by our friend Jon, and Drew’s mother’s calligraphy; Katie’s bountiful and delicious food; our insistence on surfing the morning of, even in the pouring rain (no one will forget the incredibly unusual September rain shower that cleared brilliantly an hour before the ceremony); Nirav and Fer’s willingness to hang with us all day (they’re the coolest); Svenja’s subtle, earthy, and creative touches; Rebecca’s reassuring calm and capability; the venue’s surreal ability to blend itself into the natural setting around it. But beyond the details, for the two of us and our families, just thinking about the wedding makes us smile, for which we’re so thankful.


Nirav Patel | Snippet & InkNirav Patel | Snippet & InkNirav Patel | Snippet & Ink


What was the best advice you received?  Your wedding doesn’t have to follow some kind of template – incorporate the traditions that feel meaningful to you, and make up the rest. That, and make sure to spend time with each other on the day of the wedding. It’s amazing how quickly it can all fly by.

What advice do you have for other couples in the midst of planning a wedding?  No matter how much or how little planning you do, your wedding will be tons of fun for you and your guests. The details you focus on should be the ones you personally enjoy. We spent more time thinking about and tasting food than probably anything else — and made searching for a wedding location into a series of weekend vacations! We recommend finding creative ways to keep the stress out of all the planning.

Is there anything else that helps tell the story of your wedding?  One particularly unique aspect of our wedding was the housing situation – there are no hotels within 30 minutes of our venue, so everybody at the wedding was staying at one of an eclectic collection of beautiful coastal homes. Although facilitating this was stressful for us, it was wonderful to have everybody together in town all weekend, mostly within walking distance.


Nirav Patel | Snippet & Ink

Vendor Credits

Photography: Nirav Patel / Event Planning & Design: Be Hitched / Venue: Private Estate in Bolinas, California / Bride's Dress: Vera Wang / Shoes: Steve Madden / Groom's Suit: Crown Tailor / Escort Cards: Jonathan Fetter-Vorm / Surfboards: Jimmy Lewis / Catering: Katie Powers Catering / Rentals: Classic Party Rentals / Transportation: United Coach Tours / Dessert: Bovine Bakery / Floral Design, Hair Pieces: Chestnut & Vine / Band: The Floorshakers / Ceremony Music: The Joy Drops / Hair, Makeup: Rebecca Taff / Second Photographer: Fer Juaristi


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