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One last wedding before we sign off for the Thanksgiving holiday – this one is a sweet military elopement in Chattanooga. Because all you really need to say “I do” is the two of you!


Leslie Kerr | Snippet & InkLesley Kerr | Snippet & Ink


The Ceremony

“We knew that we wanted to get married, but hadn’t been in too much of a rush. Our plans were to get engaged this year, but when the Navy announced Art would be deployed to the Middle East next month, we knew there was no better time than to run off and get married. So with our parents and my dearest friend and photographer, Lesley Kerr, we got married on Lover’s Leap on Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga, Tennessee. Our home base is now Atlanta, and it was so special to have a little destination elopement. It was intimate and beautiful and simple. With just under two months of planning, this little wedding was everything I hoped for.”


Lesley Kerr | Snippet & InkLesley Kerr | Snippet & InkLesley Kerr | Snippet & Ink


Your ceremony in three words.  Spontaneous, Breathtaking, Powerful.

Why did you choose this location for your ceremony?  Having a dreamy, mountain view in my wedding was a dream. I had visited Lookout Mountain once before and I knew that view would be magical.

What was your favorite thing about your wedding ceremony?  Besides the breathtaking view of Chattanooga, I loved how intimate it was. Just me, my favorite person in this world, and the people that love us the most. The amount of joy we felt in those moments was outrageous. So much love, and so much happiness. We had all these onlookers that came up and congratulated us and they kept saying how perfect and happy we looked. And we were so happy.

Is there anything else that you’d like to share about your wedding ceremony?  It went by so fast! Before we knew it, we were married, and that was the happiest moment of all.


Lesley Kerr | Snippet & Ink


Did you include any other traditions in your wedding?  Even though the ceremony was scripted and quick, we had a nice little Jewish touch at the end. I grew up culturally Jewish, and my parents provided the glass at the end for Art to crush. My mom tried to place it on the ground, and it broke when she did, which made everyone laugh. It’s funny to remember in times like those how much a wedding is a family affair.

Are there any DIY details you’d like to tell us about?  All the flowers were put together by Lesley, the photographer, and me. We used several things from her personal garden, like rosemary and sage, and it smelled incredible!

What was the best advice you received as a bride?  Relax and keep your focus on what matters: you and your future husband. Don’t let yourself get lost in the planning, or the opinions of others. My mother told me this, and it was something I reminded myself daily. Running off and getting married can bring on a lot of negative comments. It’s easy to get lost in stress and negativity. Stay focused on your love and the reasons you’re getting married.

What advice do you have for other couples in the midst of planning a wedding?  Take a deep breath, and do what makes sense for you. If doing a tiny, intimate wedding is the most meaningful to you, then do that.

If you had it to do over again, is there anything you would do differently?  It was the most perfect day. Beautiful in every aspect and more lovely than I ever imagined. We never played any music, but with that mountain view, we didn’t even notice.


Lesley Kerr | Snippet & InkLesley Kerr | Snippet & InkLesley Kerr | Snippet & Ink







The South

Vendor Credits

Photography: Lesley Kerr / Venue: Lover’s Leap, Rock City in Chattanooga, Tennessee / Dress: ASOS / Shoes & Trenchcoat: Madewell, Engagement Ring: Satomi Kawakita


  • These pictures eminate happiness. I love to see couples so happy together on their special day and able to be so relaxed in front of the camera.
    There’s some great shots here :)

  • Victoria Mashburn says:

    I’m very interested in having a wedding like this. How’d you get permission for the location and anot officiant?

  • Angela says:

    We are considering marrying at Lover’s Leap…can you tell me who performed your wedding or anyone I could contact to help? Just want a simple wedding with two guests…

  • Jennifer says:

    How do you go about or who do you talk to about eloping at Lovers Leap?

  • Joyce Booker says:

    We are looking to get married June 6th of this year, I would like to know how to go about doing this and I would like to know the amount to be married up there and would we have to have our own person that would marry us, pls contact me at the above email or you can call me at 407-230-3473 thank you very much, hope too hear from you soon

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