Real Wedding: Caroline & Cornelius

Caroline and Cornelius’s wedding was a true labor of love, with friends and family pitching in to make it all happen. From the S.S. Matrimony boat (below), to the flowers, to the hand-painted escort cards, everyone collaborated to create a lovely day, proving that simple can be beautiful, and that meaningful matters.

Caroline wore a pearl necklace that belonged to her grandmother.

A local musician played harpsichord for the ceremony.

The groom’s sister hand painted escort cards and table “numbers,” with images of local sea life. The cake was decorated simply with sugared fruit and edible flowers.

From the lovely bride:

Why did you choose this for your wedding? We focused on throwing a party similar to one we would actually throw under normal circumstances, just on a way bigger scale, which helped us to focus on what we really wanted (excellent food, excellent cake, excellent music, excellent family and friends) and strip away those elements that ended up feeling extraneous (such as favors, renting a photo booth, setting off fireworks, etc.). We made sure to stick to our everyday values in the decisions we made, such as hiring small, local businesses and being good hosts.

What was your favorite moment or part of the day? After the ceremony and pictures, we walked out onto the rocks, just to take a moment to check in with each other. We looked back and saw everyone smiling and waving at us – it was pretty breathtaking. It was also really special when our 10 year-old niece, fearlessly gave an incredibly thoughtful, articulate, and well spoken toast.

What advice do you have for other brides? Especially in the days leading up to your wedding, focus on taking care of yourself and enjoying yourself, despite the stress. And remember, there are things you just can’t control! Trust that things will work out, although sometimes not exactly as you had planned (which is part of the beauty – some of the best things about our wedding were things we did not think about or plan for.) Also, go on a honeymoon!



Photography: Alexandra Roberts Photography / Venue: private home in Gloucester, Massachussetts / Bride’s dress: Watters & Watters / Hair: Andrea Reid at Biyoshi Salon / Harpsichord: Frances Conover Fitch / Catering: Season to Taste / Cake: Cakes to Remember / Tent rental: The Event Company

Congratulations Caroline and Cornelius!


  • I love the reasoning behind this couple’s decisions regarding their wedding. I agree that this approach helps couples focus on what is really important to them.

    I just want to know how they got a grand piano on the beach! That’s amazing!

  • Gorgeous! I’d like to steal away to that beach house right now, too.

    Love the seaside details.

  • I love how the color palette is woven throughout—from the porch to the piano to the flower girl dresses, flowers and cake. It would be fun to see a post-wedding inspiration board!

  • Quite amazing indeed! I especially love the place cards and the ceremony musician!

  • I instantly knew this was my hometown of New England. the light is incredible! Season to Taste Catering are the absolute best in the area.

  • Seriously beautiful! Do you know where the groom’s tie is from? It would work nicely for our groomsmen…

  • LOVE this. so heartfelt and beautiful. the artwork on the harpsichord is gorgeous, and the photo of the guy jumping into the water just makes the whole weekend look so fun! LOVE.

  • maybe I am over tired but this post makes me teary eyed!?
    ~ a walk out on the rocks & a young relative with brave good wishes
    ~watercolour escort cards + splendid cake

    eye melting gorgeousness

  • What a beautiful wedding. I love the concept of focusing on the wedding as a party you would normally throw but on a larger scale. It looks like it worked and came together beautifully. Congratulations to the beautiful couple!

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