Combined Personal Vows and Shared Vows

Jessica and Nima’s Wedding Vows

“We wrote our own vows, albeit very late in the game, but they really came together. We decided we would have one part that was personal to each of us, and also create communal vows that we both repeated. The day before our wedding, we woke up early, went into separate rooms to write our personal pieces. After sharing these meaningful words of admiration and commitment, we realized how complementary our vows were. Then we then sat together and wrote our communal vows, and rather enjoyed doing it!”

Nima’s Personal Vows:

Nearly 11 years of dating, loving, fighting, and forgiving has shown me that I always choose you and that you are permanent. 

For someone with my life experiences and personality, permanence often elicits cynicism or acute vulnerability.  Instead, your devotion, selflessness, trust, and respect have taught me how to love more completely and have given me the confidence to accept that you will always choose me. 

I am humbled to have you in my life – for life.

Jessica’s Personal Vows:

For years, we talked about choosing each other.  We knew we would always be good friends, but we said that we wouldn’t just stay together by default as if there was no other choice.  And for many years, I chose you, and you chose me.  But at one point, something changed, and maybe it was in those moments that felt like things were falling apart that I realized I had no choice: I’m tied to you.  As Charlotte Bronte puts it, it’s as if I had a string somewhere under my left rib tightly knotted to a string that’s tied to something deep in you. If something were to come between us, I would fall apart from the inside out. 

Whether I am satisfied or angry, uplifted or hurt, annoyed or incredibly at peace, I know there is no choice for me.  Something in my soul has been stitched to yours, and it gives me immense joy to know that no matter what, we will never be apart.

Our shared vows:

{Jessica/Nima}, all that I am I give to you, and all that I have, I share with you. I will respect you, be your advocate through successes and failures, support you through what obstacles we might face, and adapt my love for you throughout the many seasons of life.  


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