Cost of Table Decor and Rentals :: Budget Breakdown from Shannon Leahy Events

We love to feature weddings with a range of budgets! It’s definitely not about what you spend, but about making choices that are right for you, whatever your budget may be! Talking dollars and cents can still feel like a big taboo in the world of weddings, so we thought it would be really helpful to show what it really costs when you’re trying to recreate certain looks, plus with the help of Shannon Leahy Events, we’re doing much of the leg work for you!

Luckily the fab team at Shannon Leahy Events are on board and have created three separate table decor looks at different price points, with a full price breakdown of all items used, from chairs to florals and everything in between. Shannon tells us: “As a part of my online course WED School I take my students through the process of designing a wedding from start to finish. We start with a mood board to pinpoint the look and feel of the wedding, and then I show how to execute the same mood or theme in three different tables at very different price points. You may be surprised to find that your favorite table isn’t even the most expensive of the group!”

Please note: all prices are based on an eight person table, and all prices are approximate (yours might vary depending on your location, choice of vendors, etc.)

LOOK NO.1 – $230 per table // $29 per person

This look is the most affordable set up with elegant poly-cotton linens and napkins in subtle shades, modern plates, and upgraded flatware. You may be able to bring the overall cost lower if your caterers or venue include tables, chairs and even linens in their quote – so be sure to ask what they include!

Online marketplaces are a great source for more affordable menus and table numbers. The ones in this look come from minted.

The floral centerpieces in this look are DIY and budget friendly, with no floral designer required! Using simple bud vases ($2 each from JAMALI GARDEN) you can add a single flower and a few stems of eucalyptus to create your own version of this look. Shannon says “you can even make these ahead of time, and it’s totally okay if the greens dry a little bit. The day of the wedding, someone could pop in a few fresh flowers or you could even go without, and make the eucalyptus the feature!”

Tip #1: snipping a little extra eucalyptus for a napkin accent adds a lot of look for next to no cost.

Price Breakdown:

Tables: 8’x40″ banquet table, $24
Chairs: Wooden Folding Chairs, $5 ea // $40
Linen: Nuovo Beige 8′ King’s Drape Linen, $19.50
Runner: DIY Muslin Runner, $20
Plates: Athena Stoneware, $1.50 ea // $12
Glassware: Standard, $.70 cents ea // $11.20
Flatware: Rosewood Flatware, $5 / set // $40
Napkins: Nuovo Peach, $.89 cents // $7.12
Bud Vases: Amber Bud Vases, $2 ea // $16
Floral Design: DIY, $14
Napkin Accent: DIY Eucalyptus clippings, $3
Flat Menu: Minted, $1.25  ea // $10
Table Number: Minted, $4.00 ea
Candles: Votive Candles, $1.00 ea // $8.00

Total Cost: $228 per table

LOOK NO.2 – $625 per table // $78 per person

So let’s break down the increase in price for Shannon Leahy Events’ mid-range look. What happens when you change out the simple folding chairs and modern white plates from our first look for the wooden cross back chair and wood plates of this look? You give the whole tablescape a different, much warmer feel.

There’s other more subtle reasons for the higher cost of this look. While it may not look so different in photos, choosing textured linens gives a very different feel when your guests are actually at the table. This menu was made up of a letterpress card with hand-torn edges and a wide burlap ribbon, which is both more detailed (in terms of the overall look) and more tactile (when your guests pick it up) than a flat printed menu.

Then there’s the stand out feature of this look – a centerpiece from a floral designer. A beautiful, professionally arranged floral centerpiece like this really varies in cost depending on the designer, the types of flowers you use, the vessel, and whether what you want is in season.

Tip #2:  If you’d like to forgo linens entirely, you can opt for an 8′ farm table for $125.  It’s about $83 for a banquet table and linen, so for an additional $42 you can work with the farm table look instead!

Price Breakdown:

Tables: 8’x40″ banquet table, $24
Chairs: Bistro Oak Cross Back Chairs, $11 ea // $88
Linen: Tuscany Eggshell 8′ King’s Drape, $59
Runner: Tuscany Barley, $29
Plates: Square Wood Plates, $4 ea // $32
Glassware: Standard, $.70 cents ea // $11.20
Flatware: Square Stainless, $3.50 set // $28
Napkins: Tuscany Eggshell, $3.50 ea // $28
Floral Design: Low Floral Centerpieces and Vases, $265 ea
Menu Card: Hand Torn Letterpress, $5 ea // $40
Table Number: Martinque Frame, $5 ea
Candles: Votive Candles, $1.00 ea // $8.00

Total Cost: $617 per table

Look No.3 – $1,430 per table // $179 per person

Considering a splurge? Then what you’re really looking at is the cost of florals with some serious wow factor!

For Shannon Leahy Events’ final look, the basics (tables, chairs and linen) weren’t so different (in terms of cost) from our other two looks. It helps to keep those things simple if you want the stand out parts of your decor to really shine. Where the major change in cost comes is the custom stationery… and those flowers! The menus are fully enclosed in suede covers and really elevate a paper menu into a keepsake and a true part of the table decor. And the floral arrangements? As Shannon Leahy Events mentioned, while these specific arrangements are a little more for show than practicality*, it’s useful to know what seriously lush arrangements cost, and also see how they can change the look of your table.

(*Note: for your own wedding, you might like to consider whether guests will be able to chat easily and see any speeches etc when deciding on your centerpieces. Some factors to take into account would be the height and fullness of any arrangements, and also whether you’re using a clear or opaque vase.)

Price Breakdown:

Tables: 8’x40″ banquet table, $24
Chairs: Soho Chestnut Chair, $9.50 ea // $76
Linen: Tuscany Natural 8′ King’s Drape, $59
Runner: Fishnet Runner, $29
Plates: Heath Ceramics via Theoni Collection, $12 ea // $96
Glassware: Mylo Tumblers, $1.25 ea // $20
Flatware: Teak Flatware, $1.00 ea // $32
Napkins: Napkins: Tuscany Eggshell, $3.50 ea // $28
Napkin Accent: Horn Napkin Ring, $12.25 ea // $98
Menu Card: Custom Suede/Leather Menu Card, $25 ea // $200
Table Number and Frame: Martinique Frame, $9.75
Floral Design: Tall floral centerpieces and vases,  $750
Candles: Votive Candles, $1.00 ea // $8.00

Total: $1430

Tip #3: Don’t forget that if you’re going for a more formal reception, or serving a multi course meal, you might need extra glassware, plates, chargers and flatware – be sure to factor in this extra costs. Check out our How To Set A Table post for more info on which look (formal or casual) is best for you!

Tip #4: At the end of the day, you have to be true to your own priorities – and aesthetics! (There’s no use tying yourself in knots to save money with a DIY floral centerpiece if you’ve always dreamed of garden roses. But if that’s the case and if, say, stationery is not your thing – go simple with menus and place cards and focus on the flowers!) We really want you to consider how the different items that make up your table fit together. That way you can save on the pieces that matter less to you, put your budget towards what you really care about, and get the look you want!


Love this post and want to know more? Check out other times we have broken down the real cost of wedding bouquets, and cost of wedding cakes! Thank you to Shannon Leahy Events and WED School for sharing these fabulous tips with us! Which look is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

Vendor Credits

Photography: Josh Gruetzmacher / Event Planning & Design: Shannon Leahy Events / Venue: The Barn at Tyge Williams in Sonoma, California / Floral Design: DIY, Bows and Arrows Flowers / Vases:: Jamali GardenWest Elm / Menu, Table Number: Minted, Yonder Design / Frame: Theoni Collection / Rentals: Bright Event Rentals, Theoni Collection, Classic Party Rentals, Frances Lane / Linen, Napkins: La Tavola Linen / Runners: La Tavola Linen, West Elm / Candles: CB2


Minted is a sponsor of Snippet & Ink. Bright Event Rentals, Josh Gruetzmacher, La Tavola Linen and Yonder Design are Snippet & Ink Select vendors. 

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