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We love when there’s a breakfast or brunch the morning after a wedding – it’s such a great chance to spend more time with friends and family you might not get to see very often, and to chat about the night before. But if you’re the newlyweds, the idea of hosting yet another party might seem daunting. We’ve called on Rebecca Pfiffner from Be Hitched to share some budget friendly ideas for an easy-peasy day-after brunch:

Easy DIY After Wedding Brunch | Snippet & Ink


My inspiration for this shoot came from a pretty consistent reaction I’ve experienced as a planner when I’m meeting with couples and I bring up the question of a “day after” gathering. Usually the immediate response involves some dread – and I totally get it. The idea of having to plan a whole other party or formal brunch after spending so much time, energy (and money!) on the rehearsal dinner and wedding itself can definitely sound overwhelming. But I am here to shout from the rooftops that it doesn’t have to be that way! The “day after” gathering can be as simple as offering donuts and coffee in your backyard (or the backyard of a rental house). It gives you and your guests the chance to catch up, relax, and swap stories about favorite moments from the night before. Just like you, your guests don’t necessarily want to get dressed up again and go back into formal party mode the next day. An open house-style get together is not only low maintenance, it’s incredibly affordable – think $200 – $300. And with a few little fun DIY extras, all of which can be prepped in advance, it’s the perfect stress-free way to cap off an amazing, unforgettable weekend.


Christina McNeill, Be Hitched | Snippet & Ink


A “croquembouche” made entirely of donut holes is a super fun way to serve these little breakfast sweets. GET DIRECTIONS FOR THE DONUT TOWER HERE.


Custom Coffee Sleeves | Easy DIY After Wedding Brunch | Snippet & InkEasy DIY After Wedding Brunch | Snippet & Ink


Several of our projects involve cut-out letters, including these custom coffee cup sleeves. From Rebecca: I’d seen an Instagram post from Bri Emery of Design Love Fest about a new printer she was playing around with that precision-cut her handwriting into a paper cut-out. Being the design nerd I am, I thought, “Maybe I could use something like that for these projects?” Two days later (thank you, Amazon Prime!), the Cricut Explore Air Wireless Cutting Machine arrived at my door. This machine is AMAZING. I used it to cut a fun all-caps font on plain white sticker paper for the coffee cup sleeves, cake toppers, and award ribbons. If you don’t feel like investing in the Cricut, there’s practically a block-long aisle in every Michael’s filled with scrapbooking sticker letters. I just had way too much fun using this printer to go the manual route! GET DIRECTIONS FOR THE COFFEE CUP SLEEVES HERE.


Christina McNeill, Be Hitched | Snippet & Ink


Being a wedding guest many, many times myself, there’s always fun conversation the next day about the wedding highlights: who surprised everyone with their amazing dance moves, which speech made everyone cry the hardest, etc. So I thought, why not formally acknowledge these Great Wedding Moments with some awards given out by the couple?! GET DIRECTIONS FOR THE AWARD RIBBONS HERE.


Easy DIY After Wedding Brunch | Snippet & InkEasy DIY After Wedding Brunch | Snippet & Ink


Guests love to swap stories the day after a wedding almost as much as they love to swap photos. Yes, you can create a custom hashtag for Instagram and check out a bunch of wedding photos the next morning on your phone, but I believe there’s nothing more fun than seeing wedding photos printed in person. The kraft paper photo board is inspired by the many couples I work with who hire a photo booth for the wedding. Some of these companies can very easily print more that one photo strip every time the booth is used by guests. With a small request made in advance to the photo booth company to print an extra copy of each photo strip that’s taken, you’ll have a collection of physical photos at the end of the night to take home. Putting the photos up on display at the day-after gathering creates a visual way for guests to reminisce about how amazing the wedding night was, and it also gives the couple a chance to see everything they might have missed. GET DIRECTIONS FOR THE PHOTO BOOTH POSTER HERE.


Easy DIY After Wedding Brunch | Snippet & InkEasy DIY After Wedding Brunch | Snippet & Ink


Thanks to Rebecca from Be Hitched for these fun and easy day-after brunch ideas! Whether the bride and groom are hosting, or a friend of the family, these are great ideas for anyone.

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Photography: Christina McNeill / Event Planning & Design, Styling: Be Hitched / Linens: La Tavola Linen / Photo Booth: Magnolia Photo Booth Company / Venue: Pizzaiolo / Floral Design: Chestnut & Vine


Christina McNeill, Chestnut & Vine and La Tavola Linen are Snippet & Ink Select vendors. This post contains affiliate links.

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