Day After Wedding Brunch | Easy DIY Photo Booth Poster

From our easy DIY “day after” brunch, here’s the super easy How To for the photo booth poster. Thanks to Rebecca Pfiffner from Be Hitched for this fun project!


Day After Wedding Brunch | DIY Photo Booth Poster | Snippet & Ink




Supply list

1. roll of kraft paper
2. washi tape (available from Michael’s, Amazon, or Cute Tape)
3. chalk
4. photo booth strips (ours are from Magnolia Photo Booth Company)



– This DIY project could not be easier. All it takes is a piece of kraft paper, some washi tape, and chalk. I took a Frank Sinatra quote I love and drew it out by hand with chalk on kraft paper. I modeled my design after a couple of fonts I’m really into right now (Ondise for the script and the tried and true Brandon Grotesque for the sans serif). Then I used stuck on the photo strips with pieces of washi tape. Easy! 

Vendor Credits

Photography: Christina McNeill / Event Planning & Design: Be Hitched / Photo Booth: Magnolia Photo Booth Company


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