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I flipped when I saw this reader’s idea for a destination wedding: retro travel elements and an island destination. Fabulous. She has sunset colors in mind, paired with neutral tones, so I thought the cocktails, ring pillow, and frangipani bouquet (also called plumeria) were perfect. I also love the paper airplanes made out of maps – what a fun save-the-date idea! If you could find some tropical shirts that aren’t too loud, they would make for a great groomsmen shirt or gift.

Mood: retro travel fun
Palette: sunset pink, yellow and orange, raffia

{click image to enlarge}

Top row from left: photo from A Rainbow in Paradise, cocktails from MS, vintage postcard, tropical cake and paper airplanes both from MS
Row 2: retro surfer girl, bouquet from Ariella Chezar, table setting via Toast and Tables, vintage suitcase
Row 3: cake from MS, tent decoration from Ariella Chezar, ring pillow from Brides, invitation from Ceci NY
Row 4: coconut cocktail, Watters dress from House of Brides, vintage map of Fiji, bouquet from Wedding Bunches & Blooms

This is board #3 of 4 that I’m posting today for real brides. Keep an eye out for one more!

Update! These little drink umbrellas from MS could make great seating cards.


  • Tami says:

    I am a fragrance designer and just a bit of trivia here that relates to this post. Frangipani is an artifical Plumeria fragrance designed in the 1700’s by a womens glove maker who’s sir name was Frangipani. Distillation processes at that time did not allow distillation of the delicate plumeria flower and so he created an artifical scent for the purpose of scenting womens gloves, which was the custom at the time. Now you can get real plumeria oil and the artificial which is Frangipani. My mother always had a frangipani candle at Christmas time so I was fascinated to learn about the history of the scent.

  • Baby K says:

    Oh my goodness! You are incredible!!! Your board is amazing- you’ve brought my vision to life. Thank you thank you thank you (can you tell you’ve totally made my day???) ; )
    Yes, I LOVE the paper plane STDs. Can I ask where to map of Fiji was sourced from? I’ve not been able to find a nice vintage one like that.
    And Tami, that’s really interesting about plumeria / frangipani…back in New Zealand we’ve always known them as frangipani, but I will use the correct term from now on.
    Thanks Snippet and Ink for a wonderful board…most appreciated.

  • ks2026 says:

    Baby K,
    So glad you like it! It was one of the most fun boards I’ve made yet, so I hope it’s helpful in pulling your event together. I actually just found the map here:

    through a Google image search, but I don’t know if that will help you find one you can purchase – you should be able to print it out from there though. Best of luck!

  • Baby K says:

    Yay! That map is perfect to use. My goodness, my night just keeps getting better and better.
    You rock more than triple chocolate cupcakes.

  • ginaswanson says:

    would you mind telling me what exactly you googled to get that fiji map? i tried a couple of different ideas, and couldn’t get it (but i got yours!). i went right to the site you quoted, but i think it’s down now. i’ve been looking for this type of map for, oh, 2 years or so, so i’d really like to find it. thanks!

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