DIY Bachelorette Party In a Box | Materials & Instructions

Glitter Bachelorette Party in a Box by Harmony Creative Studio. See full post here.

DIY Bachelorette Party in a Box | Snippet & Ink


Hi-Wall Gift Box
Round Gold Labels
Washi Tape
Black Ribbon, ¾” and ¼”
Glitter, Silver & Gold
Paper Straws
Black & White Balloons
Gold Paint Pen
Pillow Gift Box
Test Tube Packaging
Customizable Banner
Glitter Nail Polish
White Paper Shreds
Gold Sequin Trim
Paper & Printer

DIY Bachelorette Party in a Box | Snippet & Ink


The Box: Using silver washi tape, add vertical stripes to the box. The great thing about washi tape is you can remove it (also works great for walls!!), so if they are not lined up on the first try you can fix it. Add the round gold labels to the lid of the box, in a random pattern (remember to fold some over the edges to make it look like a continuous pattern). Once filled with goodies, tie it up with ¾” black ribbon. (Tip: grosgrain ribbon is best for large bows like this, as it is sturdier and both sides of the ribbon are the same, unlike a single faced satin ribbon.)

DIY Bachelorette Party in a Box | Snippet & Ink

The Straws: Sticking with our theme of mixing metals and patterns, we’ll use all of that washi tape now for the fun little flags for our straws. Black, white, silver and gold in polka dots, stripes and solids – it all works well together. Cut a 3” piece of washi tape, lay it flat on a table and place the straw down on it (leaving 1 to 2” at the top of the straw for sipping cocktails!). Fold over the tape, lining up the two sides before pressing down. To get the perfect cutout, cut about half an inch down the middle and then cut diagonally from each corner to the end of your middle cut (make sure not to fold washi tape in half as it will have a crease forever if you do that).

DIY Bachelorette Party in a Box | Snippet & Ink

The Balloons: Customizing balloons could not be easier! Blow up the balloon with a hand pump, and use a paint pen to write a custom message or design. Paint pens work much better on the plastic balloon surface than regular sharpies, and are not as likely to pop it while you’re working. Let your design dry for a minute or so before deflating the balloon, or it will smear. Place into a pillow box and add some fun sequin trim.

The Game: “Sparkles + Secrets” is just that – choose to Sparkle, or tell a secret. A little like truth or dare, these DIY cards are filled with fun ways to draw a little attention to the group when you’re out on the town. Since you make them yourself, you can control how wild they get based on the temperament of the bride and her ladies. A couple of my favorites: “Arm Wrestle A Sexy Stranger,” or “Unexpected Photo-Op,” are fairly harmless yet fun. Not feeling it? Tell something about yourself to the group they don’t know about you – big or small, it’ll be a bonding experience.


Photos by Christine of The Yodsukars.

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