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We’re always looking for ways to up our Christmas gift wrapping game, and this 3D gift wrapping technique is one of our favorite new tricks! Special thanks to Grit & Grace and Elisa Bricker for putting this easy DIY together.


Your 3D shapes can take any form. We used stars and trees, since we found that straight lines were easiest to cut out of the wrapping paper!


– stencil
– X-Acto knife
– two different types of wrapping paper (we love this and this!)



Step No 1: Make or purchase a stencil. We made a stencil out of cardboard, however a cookie cutter or stencil in your desired shape would work as well. // Step No 2: Stencil half of the shape onto one of the wrapping papers and cut out using an X-Acto knife. // Step No 3: Wrap your present with the wrapping paper that has not been stenciled. // Step No 4: Wrap the gift again with the stenciled wrapping paper and fold back shapes to reveal the first layer of paper.




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