DIY Crepe Paper Flowers with Free Template Printable!

diy paper flowers for wedding


We’re going to be honest, this week’s Paper Flower DIY is pretty time intensive. But what you spend in time, you’ll save in dollars! Not only are these paper flowers just as beautiful as their counterpart, they’ll always stay peppy and photo ready!  Want to give your friends a double-take?  Add greenery and foliage to make them look more realistic!

Thanks to Download and Print you can save a little time with this free downloadable template. So schedule a craft night with your bridal party, open a bottle of wine and start creating!


Photography: Sonya Yruel.
diy paper flowers for wedding


diy paper flowers for wedding


diy paper flowers for wedding



–  Crepe Paper
Tissue Paper
–  24 – Gauge Floral Wire
Hot Glue Gun + Sticks
–  Floral Tape
Markers, or Paint (optional)
Crepe Flower Template


diy paper flower tutorial(Top to bottom: Peony, Tulip, Rose, Magnolia)



1.  Download our free petal template HERE.
2.  Select the flower you wish to make and cut the designated number of petals.
3.  Align the grain of the crepe paper with the double arrow on the pattern.
4.  Using a marker a few shades darker than your crepe paper, shade the lower third of your petal. TIP: Use uneven strokes for a natural look.
5.  Set aside.

To create a peony or magnolia stamen: 

6. Crumple a piece of scrap paper into a 1/2″ ball.
7. Twist 24 gauge wire around stamen ball.
8. Wrap and twist a small piece of crepe over the ball, twisting like you were covering a piece of candy in a wrapper.
9. Use floral tape to adhere the stamen to 24-gauge floral stem wire. Set aside.

To create a rose or tulip stamen: 

10. Cut a 10″ x 1.25″ strip of brown or black tissue paper. Cut approximately 1/8″ wide fringe, being careful only to cut 1″ deep.
11. Create fringe with fringing or regular scissors.
12. Wrap fringed tissue paper onto floral wire.
13. Adhere together with floral tape. Set aside.

Attaching petals to stamen: 

14: Taking your cut out petals, reference the squiggle line on the pattern, use two hands to stretch the crepe paper. The petals will begin to cup and curl.
15. Use a hot glue gun to adhere petals to the flower stamen. Stagger and layer the petals forming a tight bud around the stamen.
16. With all the petals attached, wrap the base of the petals with floral tape twisting around and down the stem wire.
17. Gently ease your flower open to achieve the ideal amount of bloom.


diy paper flower


Are you incorporating paper flowers at your wedding?  Share your paper flowers with us on Instagram for a chance to be featured! 


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