DIY “Mail-Away” Bridal Shower Gift Box | Custom Crate

Custom Crate from Harmony Creative Studio‘s DIY “Mail-Away” Bridal Shower Gift Box. See full post here.

DIY Bridal Shower Books | Snippet & Ink


Unfinished Craft Crate
Acrylic Paint
Foam Brushes
Clear Coat Spray Paint
Masking Tape
4” Wood Initial
Color Spray Paint

DIY Bridal Shower Books | Snippet & InkDIY Bridal Shower Books | Snippet & Ink


Step 1: Most unfinished crates are in pretty good condition, but give yours a once over with some sandpaper to get out any rough spots.

Step 2: When using more than one color, it’s always a good idea to mark each slat with a spot of the right color when you start, to avoid mishaps later. It gives you a roadmap to work with, and you only have to think about what paint goes where once!

Step 3: Painting! Plain acrylic craft paint works best for wood crafts like this, and is great because it washes off your hands pretty easily. Always use newspaper below your paint project, because it tends to drip and clump, and does not come out of carpet or other things as easily. Tip: one coat will give a nice ‘rustic’ look, while two coats (as we did here), give a more modern, finished look.

Step 4: Detailing the wood crate is super easy – just use masking tape as you would in any home project. Use the foam brush to get the sides of the crate slats: dip only one side of the foam brush tip in the paint, this way the top side will not get paint on anything unwanted.

Step 5: Let dry overnight if possible, and then give a light coat of clear coat spray paint. This will keep the paint from chipping or rubbing off on any carpet or other fabric.

Step 6: Spray paint your initial and let dry about an hour. Apply superglue to the back and adhere to the center of the crate slats.

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